CM Punk: Best In The World DVD Review

It took me a while but I was finally able to sit down & watch what’s been regarded as one of the best produced dvd’s from WWE in the past five years. After watching the story of CM Punk, my one biggest complaint was not watching it sooner. Truly a very riveting story that chronicles the struggles of CM Punk as a young boy not feeling loved, displaced by his family & looking for a place in the world all while being accepted from his fellow peers. A constant reminder that struck in my mind of how myself & many others felt growing up in a dysfunctional household & seeking escape. Like CM Punk who struggled trying to find friends but was constantly ridiculed for how he dressed, looked, I too faced those same struggles as I wanted to be accepted by my peers. For CM Punk it came in the form of a one-two punch as he was accepted by his best friend’s family after not getting what he needed at home and refused to go back. This reminded me of the infamous episode of Roseanne where David, Darlene’s boyfriend was getting abused by his alcoholic mother and as result always stayed at the Conner’s house. One day Roseanne took David home and saw what he was going through first hand and decided to take him home with her as she welcomed him with open arms. David was part of the Conner family ever since. Punk soon found himself coming across the lifestyle known as Straight Edge where you don’t do drugs, alcohol, etc. By this combination that came into Punk’s young life it certainly kept him in check and from going down a path that most young men experienced in the 90’s which was drugs, gangs, prison or death.

cm punk: best in the world dvd1CM Punk: Best In The World chronicles Punk’s wrestling career as early as the Lunatic Wrestling Federation, a company he & his friends founded and built a notorious reputation that spread like wildfire that caught quickly with many in the wrestling community. Punk would later leave for the Steel Dominon School in Chicago to better honed his craft and it was here he had great matches with long time friend Colt Cobana that made wrestling fans take note and early on dubbed him as “The Iron Man” for always putting on 1 hour matches. Early on and something that’s followed Punk for his whole career was wanting to be a traditional wrestler like Rowdy Roddey Piper, Dean Malenko as he loved old school wrestling. It was with that passion and drive that lead him to continue being successful on the Indy circuit as he made his way to Ring of Honor Wrestling. It was at ROH where CM Punk had some of his greatest matches as he took on Raven, Samoa Joe, Daniel Bryan that fans began dubbing him as “The Indy King of Wrestling”. WWE was noticing CM Punk and wanted to get him under contract. WWE of course the mecca in all of sports entertainment and the ultimate goal for every wrestler, CM Punk would go. Unfortunately, the lifelong dream wasn’t all he expected as once again Punk found himself in familiar territory just as he did growing up which was trying to find his place in the world. In this case it was WWE as he was looked upon by many in upper management as not a top tier guy because of his appearance and furthermore WWE wasn’t sure what to do with him. Purgatory is where CM Punk would go as it was the land of OVW for him, something which he felt was beneath him. CM Punk quickly found himself to have an ally in former ECW owner Paul Heyman who was in charge of OVW at the time and realized what he had on his hands which was the next mega star for WWE. The only problem was convincing upper management. It was through OVW that Punk perfected his craft even more in the ring but also became more hands on with the production, creative aspects of wrestling.

Eventually WWE decided to produce a new, cleaner version of ECW after purchasing it years back with Paul Heyman returning in a managing role but not as owner. Heyman would not be the only one coming to the land of extreme as he brought up CM Punk. I remember vividly when the vignettes aired for CM Punk because at this point I knew everything about Punk by reading Pro Wrestling Illustrated monthly for years as  I kept track of CM Punk. Euphoria was an understatement when I saw Punk’s promos plugging he was coming to ECW. Finally I felt he made it to the big times even if it was ECW. It was through ECW Heyman hoped WWE would take notice of what they had on their hands and put him on main Raw or Smackdown television. CM Punk was very successful in ECW and won over many new fans but backstage it rubbed WWE talent & upper management the wrong way. At a time when WWE was dominated by Triple H, John Cena, Shawn Michaels, and Edge there was just no room for CM Punk. Rather than accept the hand he was dealt, Punk continued defying the odds on the land of extreme even when his mentor Paul Heyman was fired by WWE. Despite losing someone very vital early in his WWE career Punk managed to capture the ECW Championship and shortly after winning Money in the Bank not once but twice.

As we all saw with Money in the Bank, whoever holds the briefcase is a lock to become a future WWE or World Heavyweight Champion. Although we’ve seen CM Punk win the World title on two occasions, his reign didn’t last long as it was shrouded in controversy. The first time the belt was taken away from him to be put on Chris Jericho to help further the rivalry he had going on with “HBK” Shawn Michaels. Punk wasn’t even able to defend & lose the title at the pay-per-view. The second reign would end at the hands of the Undertaker as the big brass in WWE had plans for “The Deadman”. An irritated CM Punk continued to move forward despite all that was going on until reaching the breaking point in his career on the now infamous episode of Raw where he delivered the “Pipe Bomb” on WWE that skyrocketed him to being the top guy in the company.

It’s a very riveting story watching CM Punk’s journey in the WWE but there was several elements missing from this story that really would’ve made it complete in my mind. One of the things that speak out to me is all the great matches he had with Chris Hero in LWF to his feuds with Colt Cobana, Daniel Bryan, Samoa Joe and Raven. Also the lack of in-depth talk of leading the New Nexus to being lost in the shuffle after the stable was broken up would’ve been a nice areas to go into. Also a great addition would’ve been to include his & Chris Jericho’s take on their rivalry and questionable alcoholic storyline after their match at WrestleMania 28. Of course all the talk about LWF, ROH, would not been complete without him talking about his brief stint in TNA Wrestling as it came off as if it was a chapter that never happened.

cm punk: best in the world dvd2Matches on the DVD is good if you’re a hardcore WWE fan but I couldn’t help but feel cheated despite getting 12 matches (Blue Ray copy). I found myself wanting to see his matches with Colt Cobana, Chris Hero, Samoa Joe, Raven. If you’ve been a fan of CM Punk’s for a long time then a majority of the matches on this DVD are still fresh in your mind. This is only a fraction of CM Punk’s best matches. If you’re going to grab this DVD I highly encourage you to pick up ROH’s The Summer of CM Punk DVD as it’s jam packed with solid matches. This is a great companion to CM Punk: Best In The World to really get a overall experience & see kick ass matches from his career.


CM Punk: Best In The World DVD Documentary Rating: 9/10
Match Content: 7/10
Overall: 8.5/10

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