So I finally had the chance to kick back, relax and catch up on some shoot dvds this weekend. One of the DVDs I checked out was Marty Jannetty’s KC Breaking Kayfabe that was released earlier this month.

The “Breaking Kayfabe” series has drawn an amazing array of names who have shared stories of drugs, sex, mental & physical abuse while entertaining the masses of wrestling fans. This Marty Jannetty interview was very painful to watch as throughout the 71 minute piece Jannetty was incoherent. Not sure how I managed as I didn’t hit the rewind button, maybe because I had my TV volume blasting at 4am but I managed to get through the DVD actually able to understand the words coming out of Jannetty’s mouth. There was a lot of heaviness in this interview as moderator / host Sean Oliver found himself constantly trying to redirect Marty Jannetty to stay on topic as the former WWF/E wrestler found himself rambling. Many points during this 1 on 1 interview Jannetty seemed more interested in talking to his friends that were off camera and get them involved. “Did you fart man? That was really loud”, was one of the comments Jannetty made to one of his friends as very serious questions and topics were discussed. I found myself having a hard time taking this interview seriously.

Now there is some light at the end of the tunnel as despite all that I just mentioned, there was some interesting titbits I found that made this DVD worthwhile. One being Marty Jannety talking about the early days with HBK Shawn Michaels in the Rockers and how they had sex with many girls as they crossed many territories when traveling. While other wrestlers were concerned with how much they were being paid at different venues, Marty Jannetty and Shawn Michaels found themselves more interested in women as they lived a very hard rock & roll type lifestyle.

Key stand out moment is when Marty Jannetty reveals that he was almost molested when he was five years old. Sean Oliver does a good job homing in on the statement, getting clarification that Jannetty isn’t bluffing as Jannetty reassures him that what he said is legit. He doesn’t mention if it was a man or a woman that came close to molesting him but it was someone close as they offered to get him a crystal burger (otherwise known as White Castle), if he performed a sexual act on them. Upon further probing from Sean it turns out this was Jannetty’s first exposure to to sex. At age 12 Marty Jannetty had sex with a family member. As far as if it was a cousin or niece is uncertain a he was bleeped when he mentioned who it was he had sex with. Sex wouldn’t be the only addiction to follow Jannetty throughout the years as the drugs, rock and roll lifestyle never seemed to shut off for him.

One other key point from this DVD is when Marty Jannetty talks about how Bret “Hitman” Hart tried to get him help for his ankle while Shawn Michaels simply turned a blind eye. Jannetty revealed that he’s tried to get help for his ankle through the WWE Wellness Policy as he was becoming dependent on pain killers but attempts failed as WWE will only provide rehab assistance for those trying to get off drugs. Jannetty would use this opportunity of mentioning Shawn to talk about the time that the two called Vince McMahon to leave the WWF as they didn’t like the amount of money they were getting paid. This all steamed from a commercial spot they did for cereal along with other wrestlers. All of them got paid $10,000 while he and Shawn only got $5,000. This had Shawn upset to the point he encouraged Jannetty to call Vince to tell him they were leaving. Rockers had been offered a better deal over at World Championship Wrestling which seemed to went down south after Shawn got injured. Vince agreed to it reluctantly and had them finish up at the end of Survivor Series. Once Jannetty got off the phone and told Michaels what happened Shawn was upset as he thought McMahon was going to offer them more money. Jannetty doesn’t conclude the story as later on Michaels would go behind his back to tell Vince he never wanted to leave the WWF. This would set up the Rockers being broken up with Michaels embarking on a successful singles career. One which Jannetty feels was orchestrated just to get him out of the picture and WWE despite being brought back in many times throughout the years.

Marty talks about there being two different personalities in him. There is the boring Marty Jannetty and then there’s MJ, alive, vibrant, full of fun and wants to party. One of the questions Sean Oliver asks him towards the end of the DVD is what would he say to a much younger version of himself if he could go back in time. Marty says he’d like to tell his younger self to find a Marty that’s in the middle of being boring and fun. One could easily look at the boring side of Marty Jannetty as the side that is a everyday guy that realizes at 53 years old his life isn’t exactly where it should be emotionally, spiritually and financially. Maybe this is why drowns himself in the sex, booze, drugs and doesn’t care about living or dying because he doesn’t want to face reality. Mickie Rourke’s role in “The Wrestler” has nothing on Marty Jannety as he painfully remains us of the cold and dark side of professional wrestling that still exist for wrestlers of his generation. At the current state Jannetty is in there’s no way he’s going to make it another 2-3 years. This man is in dire need of help and he needs it ASAP. It will not surprise me one bit to read on a site a day from now, a week from now or a month from now and hear that Marty Jannetty has passed away.

What should be a crowning moment for Sean Oliver and KC’s Breaking Kayfabe series as they’ve never had a Rocker on their show is actually very sad to watch. Even Sean found himself to be baffled at times with some of the things Marty Jannetty was saying. This was not one of those shoot interviews you’ll want to see again and again. Personally Sean and crew should have just gave Marty money for being willing to do the interview and send him on his way. If you like watching a dead man walking than this is one you should check out. If you’re not too found of bearing witness to someone who’s dying before your eyes than I say don’t check out DVD.

Overall Rating: 5/10 ( Because it’s Very incoherent, otherwise a 7.5/10 )

Lee Sanders
Head Writer | Producer | Host of The RCWR Show & Impact Showdown

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