A Very Murray Christmas – musical magic for a magical festival!

With the festive season of Christmas just round the corner and happiness of celebration spreading all over, Netflix’s original series A very Murray Christmas has certainly welcomed this occasion in a fantastic manner. Released on 4th December, 2015 this Netflix production has managed to attract undivided attention of the audience instantly. With melodious Christmas carols and an amazing festive spirit, the musical comedy is definitely a treat for both eyes and ears!

Directed by Sofia Coppola, ‘A very Murray Christmas’ features Bill Murray as the lead, gearing up to conduct a live television show from Carlyle Hotel, New York. As the film opens to the song of Christmas blues by Bill, it shows his sadness of being alone on the Christmas Eve. Besides loneliness of being away from family, blizzard conditions and continuous snow storms spoil the mood of this show. While Bill loses all the hope, his producers Liz and Bev do a great job to pull him into it. Their encouraging words and forceful praises offer moments of entertainment, as Bill finally agrees to their demands.

Though the show begins, Bill lacks concentration and courage to continue. As he takes an unexpected exit, his encounter with Chris Rock and his convincing words to sing along with him prove to be hilarious. Sight of Bill and Chris as they attempt to sing together, followed by power outage mark the funny moments of this film.

Stuck within the premises of the hotel, Bill strives to create happiness amidst their helplessness. As he brings the hotel staff together, they celebrate Christmas Eve with songs, food, drinks and every possible fun resource. With renewed positive energy, when he manages to reunite a bride and groom together, the story depicts the real spirit of Christmas.

As a celebration of love, life, family and happiness, this film delivers a good, light-hearted message for the audience. While each one take charge and sing Christmas carols, the festive mood sets a happy theme.  Surrounded with difficulties, uncertainties and horrible climatic conditions, as Bill encourages everyone to celebrate things within their scope, it certainly demonstrates the true purpose of the day.

An hour long entertainer with almost fifteen songs, this musical is definitely worth the watch. With special performances by George Clooney and Miley Cyrus, the film offers wonders for the Netflix viewers.

Watch this Murray Christmas film to set yourself in the festive mode, as its carols will surely tempt you to sing along. Feel the essence of holidays and experience the joy of this season, while we all look forward to a ‘MERRY CHRISTMAS’!

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