Big Bang theory Season 9, Episode 10 ‘The Earworm Reverberation’

After two weeks, Big Bang Theory returned for the next episode of season 9, it opened back to a great start. Fun, entertainment, sarcasm, awkwardness were present in full force, as the series progressed towards an interesting twist. With realistic acting and excellent delivery of dialogues, each of its characters have ensured continuous supply of limitless fun so far. Keeping their true essence intact, the story undoubtedly amplifies its magic with the passing episodes.

Every Big Bang Theory episode this season has been enjoyable. The wait for this episode was certainly increasing my excitement and magnifying the curiosity. Sheldon Cooper was the highlight of this episode, as interesting developments reentered into his life. His inability to recollect a song from its tune prompted a fear about his degrading brain function. Stuck inside his ears for two days, yet unable to recognize the song, Sheldon’s attempts and their subsequent reactions offered hilarious moments of fun. Concerned about his fading memory, as Sheldon records videos for his future self, the messages appeared totally interesting.

With a view to capture every single memory, his recording about favorite spot on the coach, his behavior and habits, description of his friends Penny and Leonard annoy these two room-mates to a great extent. Stuck with such a best friend with no escape path in sight, Leonard and Penny are forced to deal with Sheldon’s attempts towards song recollection, even though it meant listening to loud sound of musical instruments right in the middle of the night! Sight of Leonard’s sweet smile, when Sheldon records him as his best friend was truly the best moment of this episode, depicting the ‘stuck for life, yet love as friends’ moment between the two.

After two continuous days of earworm trouble, when Sheldon finally decodes the song, he understands the true meaning of its occurrence. While his mind was humming the Beach Boy’s ‘Darlin’ song, he realized that it reminded him about Amy and her role in life. Convinced about the strength in their love, Sheldon’s rush towards Amy’s apartment must have certainly soaked the viewers in love and excitement.

Disappointed with Sheldon’s rejection, as Amy spent a wonderful date with Dave, things seemed to return back to normal. While they were enjoying their time with each other, Sheldon’s unexpected entry and his confession of feelings brought the most awaited twist. With Dave’s inputs, when Amy was finally able to realize Sheldon’s love, their passionate ‘kiss and make up’ moment truly stole the thunder of this show.
Though reunion between Sheldon and Amy was the best outcome of this episode, Howard and Raj’s ‘so-called’ band ‘Footprints on the moon’ ensured unrestricted flow of laughter. When their band Facebook page shows a lone fan Trent, after their first performance at the comic book store, the two make every possible effort to meet this important ‘person’. Stalking his moves, when they finally trace him at a coffee shop, his weird habits put them off, instantly. Yet the satisfaction of having one fan manage to keep their spirits alive!

With ‘Shamy’ team back in action, the further course of season will be absolutely interesting.
Will Sheldon and Amy start their fights immediately or manage to fuel their romance a little longer?

Will this ‘Shamy’ union annoy his room-mates Leonard and Penny, with their unusual rules and unique habits?

Will Raj and Howard give up on their band or concentrate their efforts towards a successful outcome?

As the series unfolds its magic with the upcoming episodes, fun and entertainment are certainly guaranteed. A theory that is too amazing to miss, may its creators continue to add interesting elements and fun-filled matter, along the way.

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