The Big Bang theory season 9, episode 14 – ‘The Meemaw materialization’

Returning back after a short hiatus of 2 weeks, Big Bang Theory continued its season 9 with an interesting episode. True to its title, the episode brought a materialistic value to the season. With lot of substantial developments and relevant progress, this comeback ensured an excellent flow to the story. Taking the Sheldon-Amy union to a next significant level, it was certainly a value-addition to their love story, so far. An episode that featured Sheldon’s dear grandmother ‘Meemaw’ for the first time, occasional mention about her unusual habits, behavior, mannerism and love for grandson, in the past had increased the curiosity of viewers to a great extent. Depicting serious conversation between Amy and Meemaw, the episode revolved around significant components of Sheldon’s life.

Big Bang Theory recap: Immense love and care for her grandson pulled Meemaw to Sheldon’s apartment. With a view to meet Amy and warn her against any further relationship with Sheldon, Meemaw had a fixed agenda in mind. As exchange of words started between the two, Meemaw expressed her lack of trust towards Amy. Disappointed with their recent episode of breakup, Meemaw’s use of harsh words and blunt theme formed an interesting sight. Depiction of her straightforward nature offered the perfect justification of Sheldon’s usual behavior! Though Meemaw’s conduct was filled with shades of rudeness, it depicted concern and worries for her grandson. Realizing his emotional nature and sensitive trait, she did not want any similar troubles in the future. With this, as Meemaw bombarded Amy with her observations, analysis, conclusion and decisions, Amy’s reaction to the entire phase was totally amazing.

While Amy defended their relationship and answered back every concern with confidence, her clear and satisfactory answers offered an insight into the seriousness of their bond. Without any essence of doubt or defeat, as Amy stood for their love, this conversation was certainly one of the best moments of the season. Though Meemaw was unhappy with her arguments and justification, she sensed seriousness in Amy’s love. While talking about the similarity between Sheldon and his grandfather’s behavior, Meemaw opens her heart to Amy. Stressing on the need to stand along with Sheldon as a firm support, Meemaw experiences a change in her attitude towards Amy. Convinced about Amy’s strong nature and love-filled concern, a slight transformation in her behavior raise hopes towards their successful union.

The episode portrayed Amy’s stand on the relation in an excellent manner. Taking the viewers closer to her true feelings of love, it certainly brought significant progress to the story. Along the course of conversation between the two, Meemaw’s accidental mention about the engagement ring brings surprise and magic to Amy’s heart. Though Amy was successful in handling Meemaw’s concerns all by herself, Sheldon’s entry towards the end add entertainment to the story. While standing up for Amy and justifying their true love, Sheldon’s confidence strengthened his grandmother’s trust. Delighted by their genuine affection for each other, Meemaw’s consent brought a wonderful end to their conversation. A significant development for Sheldon, dearest grandmother’s positive view coupled with Amy’s firm support brought happiness and joy to an otherwise serious nerdy mastermind.

Though Sheldon presented strong views on love, his unusual sarcastic comments, weird comparisons and funny conduct retained his true essence throughout. As Sheldon, Amy and Meemaw formed the primary players of this episode, the story had little involvement of other characters. With no significant participation of Leonard and Penny, their absence for a long time has been one of the lowlights of this season. As the plot is focused on Sheldon’s love tale, Leonard and Penny’s married life has been pushed to the backstage.

Though Raj seems to have a stable relationship with Emily, this episode highlighted distraction in his love life! While arguing about the movie ‘Frozen’, his conversation with Howard grab the attention of an attractive bartender. Curious about Raj’s interest for sci-fi movies, the bartender hopes to connect with him for a screenplay on children’s film. As she introduces herself to Raj and strikes a conversation with him, Howard and Bernadette warn him about the probable chances of trouble with Emily. With this as Raj confesses about his happy love life to the bartender Claire, expected awkwardness in this conduct form hilarious moments of fun.

Even though Claire and Raj go ahead with their meeting as a casual event between two adults, Raj is unable to hold his lovely imagination towards Claire. Dreaming about the possibility of marriage and family with Claire, he is distracted all through the meeting. With second thoughts about his relationship with Emily, Raj’s troubles with women may never really end!

With consent of Meemaw, this episode achieved a major milestone in Sheldon-Amy’s union. Lot of interesting moments awaited ahead as the season continues its exciting flow.

Will Sheldon and Amy move ahead with their love story in a peaceful manner or is their strong bond of understanding too good to be true?
Will the makers show any major development in Leonard and Penny’s married life?
Will Raj deal with his distraction in a positive way and reach a beneficial conclusion for himself and Emily?

Let’s hope these questions are answered soon, while ‘The Big Bang theory’ returns back with a bang for its next episode.

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