The Big Bang Theory season 3 episode 18 ‘The Application Deterioration’

Returning with a big bang after a short break of two weeks, episode 18 of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ season 3 brought loads of hilarious entertainment. With a concrete plot that revolved around patents, discovery, invention and intelligence, the episode offered interesting insights into the nerd’s world. While hoping to receive monetary gains from their superfluid helium idea and planning ways to increase their income for Howard’s unborn baby, the scientists engage into deep thought process. As realities of patents and profits greet them on their adventure, the bright value of application deteriorates on the way.

While understanding the terms and conditions of patenting their project, they realize the pressure of mounting difficulties. This Big Bang Theory episode combined humor of Sheldon’s contract with typical inputs from Howard and Leonard, this depiction was totally interesting in every way. Pondering over their patent, wondering about the benefits, discussing the future and hoping for success, as the three master minds engage themselves for the innovative plan, lot of entertaining moments enter into the storyline. Though the season 3 has been moving on a very slow pace, this week’s plot did proceed in the perfect direction. Truth about the University’s policy regarding claim of the patent shock the three friends to no end. Laying their hands over 75% of the profit, the University left behind just 25% to fulfil their monetary dreams. While the blow of this shock was too huge to handle, another fact that Howard was not legally entitled to any claims over the patent leave them in totally helpless situation. With this, as the three enter into discussions over their future- Sheldon’s typical dominance, Leonard’s sarcasm and Howard’s opposition color the course of the episode. Though Sheldon and Leonard sign the contract for their patent, preparation of a personal version of agreement for benefit of Howard offer hilarious moments amidst this serious setup.

Sheldon’s sarcastic comments about Howard’s performance irritate Bernadette to a great extent. While Sheldon continues to belittle Howard over his engineering background, Bernadette’s opposition add spices to the otherwise bland storyline. Realizing his conduct, when Sheldon agrees to show respect towards Howard, his idea of including it as part of the agreement appears totally hilarious. Promising to adopt a respectful course, Sheldon’s decision to contribute one fourth of his profit as scholarship for Howard and Bernadette’s child bring a happy ending to the agreement. Though Sheldon seems to portray a serious attitude, his sensitive transformation towards Howard’s child forms a wonderful sight. While the three nerdy geeks were engaged in this patent battle, Raj’s funny encounters with love add humor to the story. Confused between Emily and Claire, Raj’s luck with cupid imparts exciting shades to the episode. While both of them had rejected his love, unexpected twists to the tale leave a happy ending for Raj. Though caught between Emily’s pull for reconnection and Claire’s green signals for a new start, Raj’s attraction and trust towards Emily offer him a good night filled with love. Absence of Amy and Penny from the plot of this episode does come across as a striking difference, yet the serious theme of the innovative patent ensures perfect dose of complete entertainment. As the course of season 3 unfolds its magic, the future of their super helium project will appear totally amazing.

Will the trio stick to the terms of their agreement and benefit from its outcome?
Will Sheldon respect Howard’s contribution and treat him as an equal member among their group?
Will Raj have a steady relationship with Emily?
Will Bernadette and Howard experience differences in their relation after the parenthood?
Interesting questions with more interesting answers, the future course of this season will continue to offer moments of hilarious entertainment.

Stay tuned for more as ‘The Big Bang theory’ will not halt at anything small!

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