Big Bang Theory – Season 9, Episode 11 ‘The Opening night excitation’

While Big Bang Theory halts for the holiday season, its fall finale episode of season 9 marked an interesting twist. Set against the backdrop of movie ‘Star wars’, the opening night brought lot of pleasant surprises. With hope of an interesting storyline and enthusiasm to enjoy this latest wonder, the scientist squad were totally geared up for the epic movie experience. Excitement of laying hands over the movie tickets combined with joy of watching it on the opening night, offer fun-filled moments along this episode.

A solid Big Bang Theory episode this was. Though the ‘Star wars’ movie was one of the reasons for an exciting night, another significant development in Sheldon-Amy relation made this night a truly memorable one. With confession of feelings for each other, as the two reconnected back during the last episode, interesting moments of progress were expected in their story. Keeping his unusual conduct towards love, when Sheldon realizes a sudden increase in feelings for Amy, the entertainment raises to an all new level.

Clash between Amy’s birthday and release of Star wars movie starts this episode on an interesting note. With determination and enthusiasm to watch the movie, when Sheldon sees no harm in missing Amy’s birthday, Penny hopes to bring some change in his views. While convincing him to pay attention towards Amy and sacrifice his own happiness, Penny manages to accomplish a difficult, yet essential task. Recurring dreams of Professor Proton dressed as ‘Star wars’ character ‘Jedi’ motivate Sheldon to spend his day with Amy, while trusting his love .

Convinced about his love for Amy, when Sheldon shares his plan for birthday gift with Penny and Bernadette, the idea surprises these women completely. As Sheldon decides to spend his night with Amy, and take their relationship to the next level, both Penny and Bernadette seem happily surprised. Hoping to make it special for this ‘big night’, the two women take Amy on a shopping spree. While suggesting ideas for birthday gifts, when they accidently spill the idea of Sheldon’s birthday love desire, Amy’s expressions could not be more amazing. Excited to be able to finally experience Sheldon’s love, Amy looked forward to the wonderful moment.

Though Sheldon was eager for this birthday gift too, nervousness and anxiety gripped him completely. While it was unbelievable for the viewers to encounter this change in Sheldon’s love life, the storyline ensured continuous supply of surprises, fun and excitement. As Professor Proton’s words inspire Sheldon for the big task, he is totally anxious for this act of love.

When the opening night finally arrives, -Raj, Howard and Leonard were extremely excited for the movie. Hoping for good quality and substantial performance, they experience nervousness before the show starts. Offering Sheldon’s ticket to Wil Wheaton, when he arrives dressed as Spock, everyone is shocked at the sight. Talking about excitement for movies, Wil shares a very true message in this episode. As movies are meant for entertainment alone and do not impact real lives in any ways, Wil encourages them to enjoy it for pure fun.

With plot of Shamy’s love and ‘Star wars’ moving along in parallel, the audience is soaked in excitement for the verdict. As the outcome of both these scenes end on a happy note, each of the members confess to have experienced more enjoyment than expected. The realization that Sheldon missed ‘Stars wars’ movie for her and chose to shower his love, take Amy to a different dream world. Satisfaction of a fantastic movie and happiness of true love end this opening night with feelings of joy.

Will Sheldon introduce new clauses in their relationship agreement, after this act of ‘love’?
Will his friends be amazed and shocked to hear about Sheldon’s expression of love?
Will Amy look forward to many such nights ahead?

While this series departs away for a short break, before returning back with new theories and novel concepts, we are left with nothing else but ‘wait and watch’!’

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