Big Bang Theory – Season 9, Episode 12: ‘The Sales Call sublimation’

Big Bang Theory returned after a short winter break with episode 12 to start the New Year on a wonderful note. While episode 11 of this season was truly amazing in every way, depiction of Sheldon and Amy’s act of love stole away all its thunder. Against an interesting backdrop of this unusual romantic affair, episode 12 appeared to be just above average. Raising the expectation of viewers with this ‘Shamy’ union, Amy’s absence due to a conference at far-away location brought a break in its continuity. Though the episode did not lay emphasis on any central topic, an easy flowing involvement of every character ensured some interesting moments and noteworthy development.

This episode of Big Bang Theory derives its title from Penny’s job in the field of sales, this episode revolves around her attempts to close a sales call with psychiatrist Dr.Gallo. While trying to sell pharmaceutical drugs to the doctor, Penny was forced to involve Leonard into the scene. With no other option, when Leonard agrees to attend the session, Penny hopes to get her work done. Happy with the development of this counselling, interaction between Leonard and the doctor provide interesting insights into his previous life. While talking about his mother and wife, Leonard is delighted to have a supportive listener. As Dr. Gallo recognizes troubles in their marriage, Leonard is able to talk his heart out. By emphasizing on Leonard’s adjustable conduct, this episode brings us closer to the magic of his character.

Though Leonard’s involvement does not help Penny with the expected sales target, her session with the doctor also appears interesting. While discussing about her married life, doctor’s remarks on her motherly behavior transformed Penny to a little extent. Besides Leonard, mention of Sheldon and the troubles derived from him focused on his significant role in their lives. As a grown up forced child to the couple, Sheldon’s presence in their married life is totally unusual, yet interesting at the same time.

Absence of Amy provided independent nerdy time for Sheldon and Raj. While they soaked themselves in the laboratory ambiance, discovery of a medium-sized asteroid brought excellent conclusion to their intelligent efforts. Though their session proceeded in a hassle-free manner, conflicts and arguments between the two smart brains was totally expected. As they fight over the naming process of the asteroid, several sarcastic comments take birth along the way.

Finally, as Raj agrees to name it ‘Amy’ for Sheldon’s love; their agreement to name one of Sheldon and Amy’s kids as ‘Rajesh’ was totally hilarious. While Sheldon proposes to use this name even if it meant for a daughter, it will be interesting to look at the future of this agreement. Convincing Amy to accept this name will be nothing less than an impossible task!

Focusing and involving every single character for a significant portion was the highlight of this episode. A mutual decision to remodel the house brings us closer to the ‘Howard-Bernadette’ part of the story. Understanding the need to find his own place and vacant the couple’s house, when their friend Stuart decides to leave, Howard and Bernadette are happy about this unexpected move. While planning their next course of action for the house, they realize their affection for Stuart. Though he came across as a sad, sensitive, emotional loser, his presence in their lives for 2 years resulted in an unusual bond, Sadness of his farewell coupled with excitement of remodeling highlight the overly emotional shade of Howard.

By bringing every character in the plot, yet refraining from any significant development to the story, this episode was designed for a relaxed comeback in the New Year. Starting with a slow pace, subsequent flow of episodes may bring back the charm of this season.

Will Howard and Bernadette agree during every aspect of remodeling and achieve their ‘dream home’?
Will Penny transform her conduct towards Leonard?
Will they be able to continue as a happily, married couple?
Will Sheldon and Amy proceed with their newly rediscovered love in a hassle-free manner?

Hopefully the future episodes will be able to answer these questions, while we stay glued to Big Bang Theory!

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