The Big Bang theory season 9, episode 15 The Valentino Submergence

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner and cupid striking its arrow all around, ‘The Big Bang theory’ celebrated the theme of love during its next episode of season 9. Depicting love, emotions, feelings and relationships, the episode had a smooth flowing conduct and a simple feel. While focusing on the love life of every single character in the show, ‘The Valentino Submergence’ ensured wonderful celebration of this occasion.

Combination of intelligent minds with emotional flavors formed the interesting highlights of this Big Bang Theory episode, as the geeky scientists managed to entertain its viewers, once again. Portraying uniqueness in every love story, the episode increased our information base in an entertaining way!

As the perfect occasion to enjoy their new hot tub, Howard and Bernadette look forward to their romantic session. Within minutes of their fun-filled adventure, presence of a small rodent floating in water surprises them to no end. Naming the new found rabbit as ‘Valentino’, Howard and Bernadette enjoy the soft, little, unexpected toy on the special day of love. With a hope of nursing him back to good health and playing with the new addition in their lives, Howard’s excitement lands him in trouble. While little Valentino was enjoying the undivided attention and experiencing comfort, he chooses to bite his new care-taker! Worried about the consequences of this bite, when an over-protective and childish Howard runs to the ER for a rabies shot, Bernadette’s reaction reveals the disappointment of waiting for the happy news of her pregnancy.

Though Bernadette does not get the appropriate chance to share this important event in their lives, her thoughts reach the viewers in a joy-filled manner. While realizing Howard’s worries and his rush for the vaccine, Bernadette chooses to keep this to herself. Though the news of her pregnancy has not reached Howard yet, his response over this major development will be definitely worth watching.

With a new member entering into the Big Bang gang soon – reaction of every single character will be totally exciting. News about the entry of this next generation member was truly an excellent move, as the storyline demanded some exciting changes and significant progress. Though Leonard and Penny appeared to be the most probable candidates for the big task of parenting, Howard and Bernadette’s debut role as parents will form an interesting sight, too. Bringing a major twist at the appropriate moment, the makers have certainly retained the magic of this show.

Leonard and Penny’s plan for a romantic dinner date changes its course several times through the evening as unexpected complications and unusual reactions bring several twists. Though they reach their desired restaurant on time, long waiting period of almost an hour spoils their mood. While several attempts of bribery and flirtation with the waiter fail miserably, the two have no choice but to change the location of their date. Being addressed as ‘Mam’, Penny’s disappointment and realization of truth appear interesting. Regretting the reality that they were turning old, Leonard and Penny’s endless attempts to prove the opposite fill the episode with hilarious funny moments. From eating fast food in their car as young, care-free individuals to making plans of entering their apartment in an interesting outfit of cupid, the two strive for spontaneity and fun in the hope of getting their lost youth.

As the episode focusses on love story of every couple, lot of actions run along its entire course. Raj’s new found love towards bartender and screenwriter Claire prompts him to end his relation with Emily. Doubting his fading love while dreaming about a new start, Raj manages to land in deep trouble, yet again. Destined with no luck in the love domain, Raj experiences problems in this new confusion. Though Raj breaks his relation with Emily, Claire’s reconnection with her old boyfriend and disinterest in his proposal invite sorrow and loneliness in his life, once again. Failure to win Emily back coupled with rejection from Claire drive him into great pain. Unhappy with cupid’s treatment, Raj’s failure with his love life seems to be a permanent one!

While Raj experiences a heart break during Valentine’s Day, Sheldon and Amy’s increasing love prompt them towards a major step. Changing the concept of his creation ‘Fun with flags’, Sheldon and Amy partner together and turn it into a live show to speak with their fans. As Sheldon attends calls from Raj and his co-worker Barry, the show takes an interesting turn. Talking about their failed love stories, this discussion drives Sheldon towards sadness, turning the ‘Fun with flags’ into ‘Heart-ache with love’. Doubting the power in love, Sheldon’s confusion and concerns open interesting conversation between himself and Amy. Convincing him about the renewed strength in their bond, after the short break-up episode; Amy’s attempts and Sheldon’s reactions bring interesting moments to the episode.

Hilarious interruption by Leonard and Penny during the live phase of this episode proves totally entertaining. With the hope of turning young again, as Leonard and Penny enter into their apartment in funny outfits and spread confetti all around, Sheldon and Amy’s confused reactions appear funny. Radiating love and spreading emotions, this episode was certainly fun-filled in every way.

How will Howard react to the news of pregnancy?

Will Leonard and Penny continue their attempts to feel young or accept the reality of increasing age?

Will Sheldon lose trust in love after Raj’s experience or will he believe in Amy’s confidence?

Will Raj find some luck in his love life?

And finally, how will everyone react to the news of the little bundle of joy?

With entry of the smallest member in the plot of this series, the Big Bang theory will certainly bang with a bigger impact along every passing episode. Hope the makers retain its comedy, sarcasm, confusion and fun, after all a successful theory demands the participation of all these elements.

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