The Big Bang theory season 9, episode 17 ‘The Celebration Experimentation’

An occasion that celebrated the 200th episode of the Big Bang Theory series, ‘The Celebration Experimentation’ was aimed towards fun, enjoyment, happiness and joy. Set against the backdrop of Sheldon’s birthday, the title was meant to depict the experimentation of his birthday party for the first time. Though eight seasons have been completed so far and the ninth one is at its high pace, this episode made the first ever mention of Sheldon’s birthday. Saving the big occasion for this bigger event of the 200th milestone, depiction of a grand birthday party was certainly one of the best aspects of the storyline.

Though novel birthday celebration was the highlight of this Big Bang Theory episode, it lacked any major developments to push the series forward. While the entire session focused on the huge party filled with surprises, happiness, special guests and mood swings, it did not offer any interesting aspects of progress.

With strong bond of love between Amy and Sheldon, course of their interesting relationship and unusual interactions between the two have been offering hilarious moments so far. While Amy hopes to celebrate Sheldon’s birthday in a grand manner, strong opposition from him provide glimpses of his typical, unusual beliefs. Talking about his hatred for birthday parties, Sheldon shares a bitter experience from the past. While celebrating their sixth birthday, his twin sister’s friends raised false hopes about arrival of Batman; ruining his special day, completely. By lying about Batman’s plans to attend the party and pumping excitement for the happy occasion, these friends brought great sorrow, as Sheldon witnessed the opposite. While this sad incident forced him to lose interest towards birthday celebrations, Sheldon was not convinced about Amy’s idea for a party.

Though Sheldon continues his opposition, Amy’s convincing power seemed to work wonders, once again! As Sheldon agrees to celebrate his birthday, the moment depicts strong bond of trust between the two lovers. Though he prefers to stay firm over his thoughts, and refuses to show any degree of flexibility, season 9 has brought some unbelievable yet desirable changes in Sheldon’s conduct. Powerful impact of Amy’s love and positive response by Sheldon have given birth to an interesting, intellectual, unusual yet caring kind of relationship. This Shamy’s love affair is certainly one of the hilarious factors of the season, currently.

Excited with Sheldon’s consent, the entire gang begin their plans for celebration. As a birthday present for the die-hard Batman fan, they invite TV Batman Adam West at the birthday party. Starring as the guest for the episode, Adam’s presence in the celebration adds great doses of fun, entertainment, glamor and success. Besides Adam West, several guests attend the party for Sheldon’s happiness. Presence of Stuart, Dr. Beverly Hofstadter, Kripke, Will Wheaton, Leslie Winkle and Stephen Hawking adds life to the party. Surrounded by so many people, gathered for his special day bring nervousness and anxiety to Sheldon. Though he enjoys for some time with a conserved attitude, increasing doses of social awkwardness pull him away from the party. Overwhelmed by all the attention, Sheldon’s panic attacks take him inside the bathroom. Portraying his typical behavior, Sheldon’s escape acts appear totally hilarious. While Sheldon refuses to join the celebration, Penny hopes to bring him back. Serious, matured discussion originating from Penny point to a strong bond of understanding between the two. As Penny and Leonard have been taking care of Sheldon as their unstated ‘adopted’ little kid till date, this interaction was certainly special. While talking about the changing situations of life, Penny is able to convince Sheldon to embrace changes and enjoy the moment.

With this, as Sheldon agrees to join the party and apologizes for his incorrect behavior, the party comes back to life. Raising a toast for her dear love, when Amy talks about the significance of this special day, Sheldon experiences great happiness and joy. Joining in the toast as each one wish Sheldon, the episode ends on a happy note. ‘Happy birthday’ wishes by Stephen Hawking deliver great joy to Sheldon, making it a remarkable day in his life.

Presence of Adam West increased the glamor quotient of this episode, as the celebration appeared interesting and exciting. Though the episode portrayed nothing else besides the birthday, it depicted a fun-filled occasion. Marking the 200th achievement of this famous series, ‘The Big Bang theory’ has certainly come a long way.

Let us hope that the series shall continue its charm and the characters shall pour their uniqueness, as the theory has several aspects for its sincere followers!

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