The Big Bang Theory season 9 episode 21 ‘The Viewing Party Combustion’ Recap

Continuing the fun, frolic, humor and laughter, Big Bang Theory returned with yet another fun-filled episode of the season 9. An episode that involved every character of the series, while forming two teams over their differences, ‘The Viewing Party Combustion’ was certainly worth watching. Revolving around their plan to watch the popular series ‘Game of Thrones’ together, the episode takes the viewers through several ups and downs that finally culminate into an entertaining event. What started off as a minor difference of opinion between Sheldon and Leonard, terminated into a battle, involving every character of the series. As every individual choose their team and enjoy the viewing party of ‘Game of Thrones’, the viewers are showered with loads of entertainment.

Though Penny and Leonard stay together as a married couple, Sheldon’s conduct, nature and behavior continue to influence their life in one way or the other. While making food arrangements for the viewing party of ‘Games of Thrones’, Leonard is interrupted by Sheldon’s demands about the Roommate agreement meeting. Irritated with Sheldon’s rules, commands, discipline and selfish conduct, Leonard expresses his decision to stay away. Truly hilarious in every way, Leonard’s tired expressions, agitated words and angry conduct color the course of this episode. While Leonard has been exhibiting unbelievable doses of patience towards Sheldon, his decision to oppose have sown seeds of some major twists ahead. Surprised by Leonard’s disagreement to attend the meeting, Sheldon tries to reason out in every possible way.

Penny’s interruption works in the favor of Sheldon, as she looks forward to attending the meeting. After bagging a major role of reading the pledge for this event, Penny convinces Leonard to be a part of it. Determined to disagree with Sheldon, Leonard stays firm over his decision. While Amy enters into plot and understands the reason of the rising heat, she chooses to support Leonard over Sheldon. Expressing her irritation over Sheldon’s relationship agreements, Amy surprises Sheldon with the truth. With this, as Penny and Sheldon walk away from their apartment to shift the viewing location to the opposite one, several fun-filled moments appear on the way. While Sheldon and Penny watch the show in the neighboring apartment, Leonard expresses his gratitude to Amy for her support.

Though Amy chooses to stay with Leonard and display her anger against Sheldon, her real motive adds more confusion to the current scenario. As an indication against Penny’s growing support for Sheldon, Amy shares the real reason with Leonard. Talking about Penny’s motives to get her way of things through Sheldon, Amy raises yet another fight between the married couple. As two opposing camps watch the show, this development appears entertaining for the audience.

While these couples in love are involved in their share of fights, Raj’s love story manages to annoy Howard to no end. Owing to pregnancy, as Bernadette manages to excuse herself from the gang, Howard has no other option, but to spend time with Raj. Though Raj’s love life is known for its uncertain nature, sudden blessing of cupid has changed his attitude to a great extent. Dating Emily and Claire at the same time seems to be his greatest achievement ever, as he bothers Howard continuously. Involving his experience of dating two women together forms the theme of Raj’s words, as he attempts to make Howard jealous. Irritated by this attitude, Howard chooses to stay away from Raj during the viewing party. While Howard joins Leonard and Amy, and Raj joins Sheldon and Penny, the strength of both the teams comes to an equal score.
Stuart’s entry in a funny costume adds hilarious moments into the show. Tricked by Howard for false information about costume party, Stuart decides to join the camp of Sheldon and Penny. With this, as the two opposing camps start the viewing of ‘Game of Thrones’, Howard’s allergic reaction to pistachio nuts creates great blunder. Suffering severe attack of allergy, Howard is rushed to the hospital immediately. Though Howard’s trouble brings several moments of tension, it serves as a perfect reason for union. As all the characters unite at the hospital, their differences dissolve over the course of time.

Comparing their schemes and conduct with Game of Thrones, each of the characters conclude their fun-filled evening. All the men make fun of Stuart, as he leaves in his costume on a bike.

Exciting, fun-filled, hilarious and funny, ‘The Viewing Party Combustion’ brought a novel idea of group and gang in its plot. The future course of action in this series will be extremely exciting as the season rides on its concluding note.

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