The Big Bang Theory season 9, episode 22 ‘The Fermentation Bifurcation’

After a fun-filled episode 21, ‘The Big Bang Theory’ returned with yet another interesting depiction in its 22nd act. Involving every character and taking the story forward, ‘The Fermentation Bifurcation’ entertained its viewers with its usual stock of humor, fun, sarcasm and friendship. With Bernadette and Howard’s pregnancy in the limelight, season 9 assures great doses of entertainment, progress, development and significant actions. Episode 22 brought shades of awkwardness, surprises, novelties and uncertainties as Raj’s love life moved towards the center stage.

This Big Bang Theory episode was filled with sarcasm and humor from start to end, this depiction sustained the usual charm of this interesting series. Opening with their usual dinner session in the apartment, Penny invites everyone for a free wine tasting opportunity on Saturday evening. While everyone exhibits enthusiasm, interest, happiness and eagerness for this fun-filled event, Sheldon rejects the chance, owing to his hatred for wine. Framing a list of restrictions to be followed by pregnant women that match the contents in his list too, Sheldon offers to spend time with Bernadette. Bernadette’s nervous expressions coupled with Sheldon’s enthusiasm were some of the best highlights of this episode that appeared extremely hilarious. Though Raj seems confused with his love life, he invites Claire for this wine tasting event.

Discussing his love life with the other men, Raj requests them to avoid any talks about Emily. Surprised for his luck with cupid, Leonard questions Raj about his strategies, ideas and plans. Bringing their usual sarcasm and humor to the table, each and every character has certainly radiated charm and magic to the series, so far. As the wine tasting session progresses, awkward moments between Howard and Amy, accidental encounter of the gang with Penny’s ex-love Zach and interesting conversation between Claire and Raj decorate the course of this episode.

Known for his pompous nature and boasting attitude, Zach sticks to his usual behavior. While discussing about Leonard and Howard’s latest work on navigation systems, Zach raises doubts about its use in military. By sowing small seeds of doubt, he manages to engage Leonard and Howard into deep thoughts. With preoccupied ideas and doubts, both the scientists fail to enjoy the wine tasting session. Determined to take their invention forward, Howard convinces Leonard about the potential in their work. Future course of this system will certainly bring entertainment and surprise to the series.

While Zach flirts with Claire, he raises doubts about Raj’s attitude too. Though Raj introduces her as a friend, his possessive conduct, yet fear for commitment surprise Claire to no end. By means of his usual wit, Zach manages to bring the truth forward. Admitting his involvement with another girl, Raj’s love life hits a rough patch, once again. Unsuccessful attempts of Raj and unexpected twists by cupid have always brought magic to the show till date.

While the wine tasting session marches ahead with confusion, doubts, worries and sarcasm, Sheldon manages to trouble Bernadette with dry topics of trains and toasts. Displaying his rich knowledge, interest, collection and stories since childhood, Sheldon’s talks irritate Bernadette to no end. With no other option, as she plays along, the evening seems dull and boring. Saving the best for the last, as Sheldon introduces his version of game ‘Dungeons and Dragons’, Bernadette seems excited and happy. Playing a character that can drink alcohol, eat sushi and sit inside a hot tub, Bernadette enjoys this freedom from pregnancy. Though these aspects are imaginary, Sheldon’s wit and sarcasm bring moments of happiness for Bernadette. Occasional depiction of Sheldon’s caring and considerate nature has certainly proved to be unusual, yet interesting at the same time.

As the gang divide into two for their Saturday evening plan involving wine, the Fermentation Bifurcation works as an apt title for this episode. While the season 9 moves ahead towards its final episodes, the storyline shall bring some interesting aspects into the plot.
So while, we wait and watch this series ahead, let us hope for bigger and brighter impact in the ‘Big Bang theory’.

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