The Big Bang theory season 9, episode 23 ‘The Line Substitution Solution’

While marching ahead towards the finale of season 9, ‘The Big Bang theory’ brought some interesting development into its course. An episode away from the finale, this 23th milestone of the happening series ensured excitement, surprises, happiness and joy. Taking one step closer to relationships, friendship and love, ‘The Line Substitution Solution’ portrayed these wonders in a fantastic manner. Involvement of Leonard’s mother Beverly, her interactions with daughter-in-law Penny and their course of attachment pave way for the success of this episode.

Big Bang Theory Recap

Excited for the screening of their favorite movie, as all the men make adjustments in their schedule, Leonard and Sheldon seem to suffer the most. While Leonard was supposed to receive his stern mother at the airport, unfortunate time clash with the movie premier puts him into trouble. Hoping to handle both these aspects, while Leonard manages to send Penny, the storyline takes an interesting twist. With her typical attitude towards Science, pride over her work, tendency to exhibit superiority over Penny and Leonard, Beverly starts her insulting talks with Penny. Though Penny hopes to connect with her mother-in-law, she fails in front of her usual questions and intellectual superiority. Amy’s presence during their informal interview session adds to the fire, as she compares Penny’s intelligence with Amy’s brilliance.

Irritated by her mother-in-law’s rude treatment, Penny makes efforts to hunt for the reason. Though Beverly chooses to hide the principal factor, she drops several hints that point towards the anger of their unexpected, quick, sudden and unapproved wedding ceremony. By depicting the unique bond between daughter and mother-in-law, the makers have brought interesting shades to this series. When Penny realizes the root cause of her rude behavior, she decides to organize a wedding ceremony for Beverly. With this idea of Penny, the finale episode may celebrate their old marital union in a new fashion. A ceremony for their family, friends, fans and viewers, this grand ending will leave a happy note for all.

While relationship between Leonard and Penny occupied the center stage of this episode, Raj’s love story was pushed away from the scene. Besides, pregnancy of Bernadette and Howard did not contribute any significant development to the storyline. Excited to attend the movie premier, Sheldon thinks about novel plans to engage Amy into some other activities. By paying Stuart to spend time with Amy and accompany her for shopping, Sheldon manages to act unusual, funny, sarcastic and unbelievable, yet again! Realization of this truth irritates Amy and she plans her side of the story. While she pays Stuart to shout at Sheldon and offer him flowers as a mark of rejection, Sheldon finds himself in a difficult situation. Amy’s equal reaction over every action of Sheldon is the real essence of their unusual love story that has been entertaining the viewers along the way.

With this hatred from Amy, Sheldon hires Stuart to replace him in the line, while he hopes to settle the trouble. Sincere apologies from Sheldon clear the dark clouds of anger, bringing the two close to each other. Sheldon’s care, love, maturity and emotional stability have brought surprising elements to this season that has depicted the closeness in their relation. After resolving all these troubles, Sheldon finds himself in another similar challenge, once again. While some other person occupies his place in the line for the movie, Sheldon experiences ignorance from his friends too.

Dropping hints about a grand wedding ceremony for Leonard-Penny, this episode was totally interesting and entertaining till the last bit.
With this, as the series moves towards the last episode, the excitement shall touch the sky.
What will be the end of this season that has experienced several ups and downs?
Will the characters retain their unique qualities, as they move towards the 10th season?

Let us wait and watch, while hoping for the best!

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