The Big Bang theory, season 9, episode 24 ‘The Convergence Convergence’

Declaring an end to the season 9 of The Big Bang theory, finale episode of the series was interesting, exciting, entertaining, yet simple. A series that failed in its charm quite often, season 9 drifted from its primary goal of entertainment. Absence of novel storyline, insignificant progress of the characters, repetitive humor and fading excitement constituted the primary reasons for a dull season. Though this 9th milestone suffered from an overall diminished quotient of entertainment, it involved every character along the way. From marital bond between Leonard and Penny to break and reconnection between Amy and Sheldon; from pregnancy of Bernadette and Howard to some degree of success in Raj’s love life, each and every character grew along with the progressing trend.

‘The Convergence Convergence’ was born with an aim to conclude this season by remarriage between Leonard and Penny. Unhappy with her son and daughter-in-law for marrying in a secret manner, as Beverly expressed anger in the previous episode, a formal marriage ceremony between the two was certainly expected. Revolving around the preparation for this wedding along with unique behavior of family and friends marked the flow of this episode. Though the actual wedding ceremony was not depicted along the course of this finale, it may appear as starting session for the next season.

Arrival of Leonard’s estranged parents and Sheldon’s strict, disciplined and religious mother form the highlights of this finale as the three bring entertainment, fun, humor and sarcasm in their own way. Bitter arguments between Leonard’s mother (Beverly) and father (Alfred) coupled with similarities of opinion between Sheldon’s mother (Mary) and Alfred bring entertaining moments at the dinner table. While Mary and Alfred bond over the common topic of Beverly, their increasing friendship disturbs Leonard and Sheldon to a great extent. As both these newly found friends leave for their hotel, Leonard and Sheldon seem worried about their growing relation. Unanswered messages from their parents add to the mountain of tensions. With this, as the idea of wedding ceremony seems difficult, challenging, impossible and troublesome, Leonard and Penny find themselves in an odd situation.

While the central plot of this finale was focused on Leonard and Penny, subplot of Howard and Raj was equally entertaining. An email from U.S Air force about their guidance system troubles these two inventors. Fearing strict action from the government, along with failure of their efforts disturb the otherwise enthusiastic duo. While Howard relies on this invention as the only source of financial support for his unborn child, such troubles will certainly add to the burden.

During his car ride towards the destination for dinner, presence of Leonard and Penny’s car behind him elevate Howard’s worries yet again. Convinced about the fact that he is being followed by the Government prompt him towards more trouble. By over speeding along the road, he invites interrogation by the police along with ticket for the same. Unnecessary, typical, unique and characteristic worries of Howard decorate the course of this finale as the ‘to-be father’ bears it all. Hilarious conversation with the police officer along with his sincere attempts towards explanation bring a funny end to the episode.

While the most awaited, discussed, anticipated and interesting wedding ceremony is yet to be shown, the season 9 has closed its chapter in a simple manner. As the viewers shall wait for the next season, these memories will stay close.

Will Howard and Raj be successful in their navigation system and gain financial benefits from the same?
Will Leonard and Penny start their next chapter in the journey of marriage?
Will Howard and Bernadette shoulder their new responsibilities of parenthood with ease?
Will Sheldon and Amy take their relationship to the next level and ring the wedding bells soon?

As we wait for the next season of ‘The Big Bang theory’, let us hope for an exciting season and interesting outcome.

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