The Big Bang theory season 9, episode 19 ‘The Solder Excursion Diversion’

Back after a short break, episode 19 of ‘The Big Bang theory’ returned with an average shade. Lack of humor, absence of major twists and presence of unnecessary aspects marked the flow of this episode that offered nothing much to its viewers. While this season has been introducing unexpected changes and novel experiences, episode 19 appeared dull in every way. Though it involved all the characters in the plot, the storyline was not able to bring any significant impact. True to its title, the episode showed diversion from its usual course of entertainment. While the series is well known for its sarcasm, humor, laughter and enjoyment, this episode chose to perform the opposite.

Though ‘The Solder Excursion Diversion’ Big Bang Theory episode lacked its usual taste of humor, it managed to highlight the strong bond of connection between Amy and Sheldon. Following his laptop crash and technical trouble, while Amy chose to purchase one for Sheldon, this move pointed to their growing affection for each other. Purchasing an electronic device for a non-flexible person like Sheldon, yet managing to bag his approval was certainly an unexpected development to the plot. Future progress of their love story into marital bond will be truly wonderful.

Revealing his well-kept secret to Amy for the first time ever, Sheldon strengthened their connection, once again. A secret that involved Sheldon’s love for things, he took Amy to his safe storage unit. Collecting all his old unused belongings, including toothbrush, electronic devices, clothes and toys, Sheldon managed to hide all of these from the eyes of the world. Though Leonard shares a strong bond with Sheldon, keeping a secret away from him and revealing it only to Amy formed a wonderful aspect of their growing relationship.

Surprised by Sheldon’s love, attachment, affection and emotional connection, Amy’s happy expressions prompted towards a happy future. Encouraging his weird habit, deep conversation between the love birds brought seriousness to the show. While Sheldon’s involvement meant humor, fun, laughter and sarcasm, this phase of the episode proved it wrong. Adding serious aspects to the flow of the story, this episode was certainly different. Excited to explore his new laptop, skype conversation between the two while seated on the bed appeared interesting and entertaining.

At the other end, Howard and Leonard’s laboratory experiments dominated the plot. Working on their project with utmost seriousness, Penny and Bernadette’s surprise visit during lunch brought all of them together. Hilarious discussions about Science managed to bring some amount of humor to the otherwise bland storyline.

Howard and Leonard’s trip for collection of solder equipment provided the title to this episode. While Raj entertained the wives’ club in their absence, Howard and Leonard were greeted with a tempting offer on the way. Invited for the premier of the movie ‘Suicide Squad’, the two men choose to hide it from their wives. Framing a false story about mechanical failure of the car, Howard and Leonard enjoy the show thoroughly. Laced with excitement, their truthful message to Raj adds twists to the tale. While upset about being left out, Raj shares the news with the women. Hoping to plot a revenge against his two friends with inputs from their wives, Raj was surprised with Leonard and Howard’s truthful confession. Apologizing to their wives with notes and flowers, the two men demonstrated maturity in their behavior. An unexpected act by these men brought some happy ending and happier conclusion.

An episode without any significant development or influential progress, ‘The Solder Excursion Diversion’ was a slow paced move in an otherwise fast paced environment. Hope the makers bring back its magic and charm, while the season continues its next course.

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