Big Bang Theory review – Season 9 Episode 9 ‘The Platonic Permutation’

This week’s Big Bang Theory episode was one for the turkey lovers indeed! Powdered by intelligent brains, served with social awkwardness, laced with funny moments and topped with wonderful incidences – a series that has been enjoyed by the audience for 8 seasons so far, and continues to entertain viewers with the 9th one, ‘The Big Bang theory’ is certainly much bigger than its name. Based on the experiences, adventures, memories and lifestyle of the nerdy geeks, this serial is truly one of its kind. While portraying the ‘not to perfect’ social life of these perfect brainy individuals, the CBS network series delivers absolute entertainment and uninterrupted laughter. Though it has completed eight long seasons, the excitement for more, continues to instill interest among the audience.

The Big Bang Theory has a talented cast to its credit, each of the individuals offer excellent performance. Doing absolute justice to their roles, I often wonder, if one may actually find these intelligent minds within the cafeteria of Caltech, Pasadena (California). Every character has added its own charm to the series, from super intelligent Sheldon Cooper equipped with terms and conditions for every situation, relation or incidence to his patient roommate Leonard displaying exceptional high levels of maturity; from defensive Howard who justifies his engineering work as superior to his friends’ PhD degrees to shy Raj who finds it difficult to deal with women, each of these four men have bought great success to the series.

Adding colors and brightness to the episodes, the female cast has been wonderful too. Perfect chemistry connecting diametrically opposite work profiles, Leonard and aspiring actress Penny offer interesting twist along every season. Matching Sheldon’s intellectual level as Amy pairs along with him and complementing Howard’s childish behavior, as Bernadette shares a true bond, the storyline moves through perfectly crafted situations.
Season 9 has been offering an interesting treat so far. Commencing with ‘Leonard- Penny’ wedding in Las Vegas, while being watched by their friends through a video back home, premier episode of this season brought back the charm, yet again. Airing 9 episodes till date, the further course of 15 more shall definitely live up to the expectation of its viewers.

Set against the backdrop of ‘Thanksgiving’, episode 9 was combination of many factors put together. Sheldon and Amy’s awkward attempt to reconnect as friends, after their break-up was certainly the highlight of the episode. With no one to accompany him for a visit to aquarium, Amy’s agreement to go along with him as a friend open up interesting conversations and humorous moments. Following a pause in their relation, they find it difficult to communicate with each other. Sheldon’s offer to stick to a set of neutral topics fuel their car journey with his typical sarcasm. Though none of them are ready for a serious relationship once again, a well-spent day arouse feelings of love within Amy’s heart, only to be sadly denied by Sheldon. Treating it as a difficult task that cannot be reversed, he believes in nothing else, but friendship, for the two.

Preparing their first thanksgiving meal as a married couple, Leonard and Penny manage to bring in complications to their relation even on a happy occasion. Proud to possess every possible detailed information about his wife, Leonard is sadly shocked, when Penny is unable to remember his birthday. Displaying his knowledge and love for wife, Leonard accidently admits about reading her diary secretly. With misunderstandings, arguments and accusations cropping in their conversation, Leonard tries to apologize and win her back. Though they possess deep love for each other, this wonderful couple always end up in some interesting differences, offering treat to the audience.

Excited to volunteer for the homeless at soup kitchen, Raj and Bernadette look forward to this opportunity. In order to avoid Sheldon’s offer for the aquarium, as Howard plans to volunteer too, he finds himself in another helpless situation. Hoping to serve food to small kids and homeless individuals at the action scene, Howard’s dream for noble deeds are instantly crushed with an alternate secondary activity. Assigned with the boring task of washing utensils, Howard finds it difficult to accomplish this six-hour long duty. With the nature of turning every difficult situation into an interesting task, Raj’s insistence to treat washing as meditation, offer taste of his typical conduct.

Ending on an interesting note, the eventful day of thanksgiving was totally entertaining. Since the creators of this theory continue to bring laughter and smiles into our lives, we shall never choose to contradict their findings!

Looking forward to the next episode, the wait for more humorous knowledge is totally worth it.

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