Blacklist Season 3 episode 13 ‘Alistair Pitt’

       A filler episode with no significant impact, season 3 of The Blacklist returned back with a usual show, revolving around Reddington. With several revisits to his past, the episode focused on Reddington’s love life for the first time ever. Beginning with flashbacks of his love in France, the episode was designed to offer a closer look into his past. Though it was created with an aim to provide insights into his previous adventures, the storyline did not achieve much, as expected. While FBI task force was successful in cracking down two major groups dealing with drugs, the makers of this episode chose a simple theme with simpler depiction.

As the sole player of this Blacklist episode, Reddington stole the limelight, completely. Though the FBI task force was involved in trapping of two notorious families, the story demanded little contribution from lead Harold Cooper, agents Ressler, Samar and Aram. With Liz’s pregnancy, her involvement in the cases of task force has been reduced to a great extent. Though clearance of her name from all charges and re-entry into the team as a consultant has brought her back into the scene, this episode proved as the first reminder of her decreasing action, owing to pregnancy.

A broker dealing with criminal families and notorious groups, the main target of this episode ‘Alistair Pitt’ was a known troublemaker, since many years. Dealing with criminals for his own profit and selfish motives, Alistair was successful in creating significant havoc all around. Looking forward to his next assignment involving drug dealing families ‘Erikkson’ and ‘Vacarro’, Alistair hopes for a huge profit through their merger. While both the families involve themselves into murders and terrors against each other, with an aim to eliminate competition in the drug market; Alistair proposes the idea of marital union between the two families. As Alistair focuses on the benefit of marriage between their son and daughter, he prompts the patriarchs to think about the power in such a union.

Tempting them with a grand picture of drug industry due to their combined power, his convincing style and unusual wit form interesting moments along the episode. With sweet words and influential charm, Alistair has certainly done a wonderful job.

Justifying his role as a broker, Alistair was successful in striking a selfish deal. With consent of marriage between the two warring fathers, the episode takes an interesting turn. While youngest son of the Vacarro family was engaged to a beautiful nurse, Alistair’s proposal to eliminate her from the angle and Vacarro’s permission for the same give them the much needed green signal for this marital merger. By blaming the Erikksons for murder of his fiancé, Vacarro’s patriarch is able to convince his son for the marriage. As the only resort for elimination of murders and fights, Vacarro’s son offers his consent for the wedding.

With successful plans for the marriage, the actual course of celebration convert into a thriller event. Close monitoring by the FBI task force, involvement of the DEA, presence of Reddington as one of the guests of Vacarro and secret plans of the Erikksons to murder every single member of the Vacarro family promise unlimited action and unexpected reaction. As the wedding celebration gathers momentum, Reddington’s honestly crafted speech reveal more details than expected. While raising a toast for the wonderful occasion of wedding, Reddington talks about Vacarro’s consent for elimination of his son’s fiancé, while blaming it on the Erikksons; Alistair’s contribution in match making and Erikkson’s plans for mass murder. As both the families experience discomfort and trouble with Reddington’s true words, gun firing by Erikkson’s men, followed by intervention by the FBI enable capturing of these warring superpowers.

While FBI tackles with these trouble makers, Reddington captures Alistair Pitt and takes him to Paris. As Reddington forces him into a house and kills him, the real reason for this action keep the viewers gripped with surprise. Completing the entire picture, Reddington’s final words to Alistair clear the meaning of frequent flashbacks into his past. While Reddington loved a woman named Josephine, the story takes the viewers to their beautiful moments of love. Though Reddington and Josephine loved each other truly, Alistair’s wicked scheme had forced an arranged marriage between Josephine and son of a rival family. While the marriage was a total disaster and spoilt Josephine’s life completely, hints about her previous love story with Reddington prompt her husband to attack her mercilessly. Confined to a wheel chair with a lifeless existence, Josephine’s sorry state forces Reddington to eliminate Alistair as a form of revenge.

With the aid of FBI task force, as Reddington achieves his ultimate aim after four long years, killing Alistair at their dream house in Paris gives him loads of satisfaction. As the storyline focusses on Reddington’s victory after four years, the episode offered a small, yet incomplete look into his previous love life.

Meanwhile, Tom’s attempts to earn a living, besides raising funds for his unborn child force him into an inappropriate act, once again. While reconnecting with his ex-love Gina, when Tom agrees to partner in a diamond theft, her occasional flirtations confuse Tom to no end. Though both of them accomplish their plan in a flawless manner, subsequent future of their crime will constitute an interesting storyline.

Though Liz’s role was minimal, her girly talks about baby shower with Samar, hopes and dreams of finding a perfect couple for adoption and worries about the future depict the dark shades of her troubles. Samar’s sadness due to the news of her ex- boyfriend’s engagement and Aram’s attempts to connect with her through his unusual style of words form some of the simple, yet remarkable moments of the episode.

While the episode ended on a sad note, as a prospective couple denied the option of open adoption, Liz’s child will certainly bring some major changes into her life.

Will Liz be forced to raise her child alone or will she move with Tom and start a new phase of life?

Will Reddington plan a perfect future for Liz’ child and assist her in the same?

Will the task force find themselves completely dependent on Reddington?

Will re-entry of Gina change Tom’s life and force him into incorrect actions, all over again?

Will Aram confess his feelings for Samar and will they be united soon?

As the series unfolds with every Blacklist episode, we can hope for some significant action. Raising the bar of expectations to a very high level, the makers have to work hard along every passing episode.
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