Blacklist – Season 3, Episode 9, ‘The Director’

Calling an end to the year 2015 and returning in 2016, episode 9 of Blacklist season 3 ensured multi-fold increase in excitement. By preserving the suspense, thrill, twists and turns, Blacklist has certainly made an impressive mark in the world of television series. With an aim to maintain this excitement and retain the magic, when episode 9 appeared on-air, the makers and characters ensured absolute justice to its name. Known for a gripping storyline and engaging plot, the Blacklist has been wiping out darker shades with efficiency.

Revolving around Liz and Reddington’s chase with the FBI, season 3 has turned the tables in a different direction. Though Reddington has been secretly helping the FBI with the most wanted on the Blacklist, Liz’s unfortunate framing into assassination of an official has tied them to a difficult situation. While making every possible effort to clear Liz’s name in hope of a new phase of life, Tom’s helpful involvement has been adding interesting twists to the tale.

As the last episode ended with Liz’s arrest by Agent Ressler, the unexpected turn was totally undesirable. While battling to stay away from troubles, as Liz and Reddington made innumerable efforts, defeat in their part of the story brought sadness and disappointment. Though Liz was unfortunately caught within the hold of Ressler’s task force, Reddington’s timely escape from the scene of action brought some rays of hope.
During all this while, as Ressler’s opposition against Liz was loud and clear, sudden change in this attitude was truly unimaginable. Though Ressler arrests Liz as part of the job, his strategies to protect her take the audience by surprise. While he hides Liz within a box inside the post office, Ressler awaits the arrival of U.S marshals for her transportation to a safe location.

Though Liz was successful in gaining Ressler’s trust and support, her worries never seem to end. With an aim to prevent the clearance of her name, while Director of CIA and Hitchin make attempts to capture Liz from the box, this episode highlights the Director’s grey conduct. Making use of his power and scope, while the Director hopes to settle every possible trouble, the plot takes us towards his incorrect means and methods.
Bringing novel turns to the storyline, this episode deserves special mention along the series so far. While fighting against Director’s pressure to release Liz from the box, when Aram makes every possible effort to avoid this trouble, the episode brings us closer to the unity within FBI task force. United by the trust for Liz, as every member contributes in their own way, the makers have ensured involvement of feelings and emotions in the perfect, right amounts.

While Tom and Cooper continue their efforts to protect Karakurt from Solomon, they are surprised to receive Ressler’s support. As the Director of CIA hopes to eliminate Karakurt and prevent clearance of Liz’s name, involving Solomon for the same proves to be absolutely worthless. By arresting Solomon and his men, Ressler ensures elimination of Director’s dreams.
In an attempt to protect Liz and destroy their common enemy Cabal, while Reddington continues with the usual course of strategic moves, his characteristic wit and typical intelligence manage to steal the magic once again. Teaming up with agent Samar, while he gains control of the stolen state-of-art printing plates of currency, he hopes to use them in exchange for defeat of Cabal. Taking the excitement and suspense to all new levels, Reddington’s character has been truly instrumental for the Blacklist’s success so far.

With this, while episode ‘The Director’ shall continue in a subsequent part, its thrill shall truly magnify along the way.
Will Liz stay safe from the Director’s trap?

Will Reddington find success while planning his strategies against Cabal?
Will Tom and Cooper be able to help Liz through Karakurt’s confession?
Will Ressler find the correct way of exposing CIA Director’s dark motives?

As the approaching episodes shall provide greater insights into the story, many new names may wipe off from the most wanted blacklist. While the viewers stay glued to its magic, they can certainly expect unlimited entertainment and unimaginable enjoyment!

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