Blacklist Season 3, Episode 14 – Lady Ambrosia

An emotional incident with a happy ending, episode 14 of season 3 The Blacklist was totally novel, engaging, interesting and sensitive. With a topic that revolved around children with special needs and their trapped happiness, the storyline was extremely entertaining till the last bit. Involving every character and depicting excellent plot, the episode was certainly one of the highlights of this season. While the FBI task force achieved remarkable success in wiping off one name from the blacklist, Reddington’s contribution and Liz’s participation ensured ultimate success and noteworthy progress. With Liz’s pregnancy and thoughts about adoption fresh within the circuit, this episode’s theme on abduction of kids blended effortlessly with the flow.

While this Blacklist episode begins with the sight of an injured boy in a super market, investigation into the matter leads the FBI task force to several cases of abduction of kids with special needs. As the boy undergoes treatment and the task force hunt for the source of these abductions, Liz tries to communicate with the disturbed child in the hope of understanding the truth. Investigation of the boy’s parents take them to an adoption agency that took care of kids with special needs. While one of the parents of such kids hoped to get rid of their unwanted child through this adoption scheme, the agency allowed the consent of a single parent; progressing ahead with a well- crafted abduction plan for their own inferior motives.
With powerful acting and strong storyline, the episode succeeded in flawless depiction of a sensitive topic. Though discovery of the adoption agency took the task force one step closer to the trouble, further course of its future was yet to be determined. By partnering with ‘Lady Ambrosia’, a so-called care taker of kids with special needs, the adoption agency was functioning with a perfect plan that helped them with large amounts of money. A mysterious lady with an unusual way of life, Lady Ambrosia took care of such kids till the age of twelve. Involving them into arts and crafts with carnivorous butterflies, the lady had an unusual aim in mind. Mother of a child with special needs, Lady Ambrosia worked along with her son for taking away the life of these innocent kids. Inspiring the children about the excitement of new life ahead, and misguiding her son towards benefits of setting them free, the lady involved the use of carnivorous butterflies to harm the kids.

Labelling it as a magical spectacle for the other children, Lady Ambrosia and her son euthanized the kids on their birthday. Working under the pretext of helping the kids and protecting them from the troubles of being an outcast, Lady Ambrosia’s unusual ways were nothing less than cruel ways of killing. While doing it under the false label of benefitting the kids, Lady Ambrosia was able to convince her son for assistance in this act.

With a hidden motive in mind, Reddington works hard to rescue all the kids. By abducting an influential accomplice from the adoption agency that partnered with Lady Ambrosia, Reddington makes his way to reach up to the culprit. While his timely moves prevent the death of a little girl from the cruel trap of Lady Ambrosia, the emotional shades of Reddington’s attempts add a wonderful touch to the episode. By talking about his mother’s crimes and opening his eyes towards the reality of the magical rituals, conversation between Reddington and Lady Ambrosia’s son was undoubtedly one of the best moments of the episode. Fueled with hatred for his mother, when Ambrosia’s son pushes her towards death and kills himself too, the end points towards the balanced law of nature. By depicting an unsuccessful and tragic end to the course of their life, the story concluded on an excellent note.

Setting the kids free and rescuing them from the dark trap of Lady Ambrosia, the emotional conclusion of the episode was certainly one of the greatest achievements of this season, so far. As the little girl rescued from death unites with her mother, tearful reunion between the mother and daughter gave a wonderful feel to the episode. Returning the favor of protecting her child and bringing her back safely, the girl’s mother hands over an important document to Reddington. Though the contents of this file are not revealed, its label points to some connection with Liz’s mother. Preserving information about Liz’ mother, Reddington certainly has lot of secrets for the viewers ahead.

While this case of adoption and abduction of kids pushes Liz towards deep worries, unexpected happy news from her adoption agency fills her life with some rays of hope. As one couple agrees to the option of open adoption, Liz hopes for a consent from Tom. Calling him with the aim of sharing this happy news, Liz was unaware about challenges encountered by Tom. With the hope of earning a happy future for their kid, while Tom partners in stealing diamond with his ex-love Gina, refusal to move along with her lands him in great trouble. Shooting all those involved in the diamond robbery with an aim to clear the evidence, Gina attacks Tom with the shot of a bullet. While running away to a safe place and managing to get medical help, the episode ends on an interesting twist for Tom. Bringing happy smiles to the special little kids and portraying the value of each one’s life, the episode was successful in delivering an excellent message to all. Though kids with special needs may need additional care, support and love, the makers demonstrated the aspects of their freedom, happiness, independence and self-esteem.

Will Liz convince Tom for the adoption and find success with the couple?
Will Reddington reveal the secret information about Liz’s mother and add surprises into the series?
Will the task force function as one united team under the guidance of Cooper, similar to their cases in the past?
Will Tom recover from his wounds and get arrested for his role in the robbery?
Too many questions, many deep secrets, long list of culprits and lot of unlimited action, as ‘The Blacklist’ unfolds its magic along every passing episode, the viewers can enjoy continuous supply of exciting entertainment!

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