The Blacklist season 3 episode 15 – Drexel No. 113

A power-packed performance with fast paced action, episode 15 of The Blacklist had an interesting, exciting, significant and engaging storyline that involved every character of the story. A major case forcing the entire task force to contemplate, plan and act, ‘Drexel no.113’ brought life to the slow moving season of this series. With a powerful story and its influential depiction, the makers ensured perfect delivery of numerous doses of entertainment. Blending action of the target case with emotional shades of Liz towards her unborn child, the episode offered cocktail of thoughts for its viewers.

This weeks Blacklist focuses on a serial killer with passion for arts named Drexel who was responsible for many murders under the pretext of creating masterpieces. With the latest murder of co-founder of a start-up financial firm, the FBI task force begin their series of investigations. Making use of complicated strategies, yet leaving behind a characteristic style, Drexel’s motives, plans and moves engage the task force towards the hunt for its answers. Brainstorming session involving every member of the task force was certainly one of the best highlights of this season as Cooper, Ressler, Samar and Aram put in every possible effort to catch hold of the truth.

Information about this incident of murder is posted on the internet before the police begin their investigations, leading the task force to Drexel’s hacking methods and information stealing modes. Making use of NSA technology, Drexel was able to access, monitor and gather webcam feeds from people all over the country. A fool-proof way of spying and blackmailing, sale and purchase of this secret information was being used as an underground business for several years. An eye-opening reality, revealing secrets of the virtual technology; this episode demonstrated an unusual form of business. While several monitors depicted the webcam feeds from multiple computers at different locations, threat of this activity will definitely present its influence in the subsequent episodes.

Working in his own smart way, yet cracking a major code each time, Reddington managed to steal the show, once again. With aid of task force, as Reddington gets hold of Drexel, his motives point to some connection with Liz’s mother Katarina Rostova. While last episode portrayed Reddington’s success in getting hold of this secret file, real meaning of the contents and their impact on Liz and Reddington’s life will definitely add suspense to the course of this season.

While probing Drexel about his plans and assignments with Rostova, Reddington receives a painting in return. Working under the guidelines of Rostova, Drexel prepares this painting that depicts an image of Liz, standing in front of Reddington’s grave. While this strengthens the possibility that Liz’s mother may be alive somewhere, it points to her plans about revenge. Whether she shall enter into Liz’s life and prompt her against Reddington or whether she may silently work behind the scene is something to look forward to. With a strong picture of his own death that surprised an otherwise confident Reddington, further course of this story will be certainly interesting in every way. Though Reddington talks about the suicidal death of Liz’ mother during several occasions in the past, sudden entry of this twist is totally unexpected.

News about Tom’s injury reaches Liz through her ex-boyfriend Nick. While treating him as a doctor and working in Reddington’s team, Nick reveals about Tom’s serious condition and probable participation in a diamond robbery. As Liz confronts Reddington and attempts to understand the truth, Reddington warns her about the dangerous shades of Tom. While Tom participated in a diamond robbery with his ex-girlfriend Gina, Reddington tries to convince Liz about the dangers of trusting him for their next phase of life together. Though Reddington does not assure Liz about any support, he manages to bribe the person who was instrumental in identifying Tom’s role in the robbery.

As things work out in favor of Tom and he experiences freedom from all charges, Liz transforms her thoughts about adoption. Looking at an old video clip of Tom that was prepared with an aim of adopting a child long ago, Liz realizes their dream of raising a family together. As she experiences a kick from within, Liz decides to take a major step. While she places Tom’s hand over the womb, the two appear excited and eager to start their own family, cancelling her plans for adoption.

Will Reddington support Liz in this decision or prompt her to change the plan of keeping the baby?
Will Tom participate in another dangerous project with the aim of arranging finances for their child?
Will Reddington decode the real meaning behind the painting and act promptly to avoid troubles from Katarina Rostova?
Will the task force protect Reddington from these hidden threats of Rostova?

Gaining momentum in a right manner along the right direction, storyline of season 3 appears engaging in every way. Stay tuned for more action and interesting suspense as every episode unfolds its magic!

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