The Blacklist season 3, episode 16 ‘The Caretaker No.78’

A complicated Blacklist episode with numerous twists and turns, episode 16 of season 3 ‘The Blacklist’ was totally interesting in every way. As the season halts for the long break of a month, this last session manages to hold the thrill for its viewers. While the audience shall wait for its comeback, the makers have ensured an exciting end. A series known for its theme of preserving secrets and unfolding them in an entertaining manner, the episode was able to achieve this task, once again. With unknown aspects of truth around Liz’s life and numerous factors hidden by Reddington, the storyline appears more and more exciting, along every passing episode.

A caretaker of highly confidential information for top officials and influential authorities, this blacklist culprit was being tracked by the FBI task force for a long time. With the murder of a US state official in Beijing as revenge against previous attack on a Chinese official in United States, the plot grips into serious action, right from the first scene. An attack initiated by a Chinese-American and supported by the US government, secret information about the role of US authorities in the killing of the Chinese official was being preserved by the caretaker. Gripped by helplessness, the caretaker is forced to release this information as his daughter is being held captive in an unknown location.

As the FBI task force and Liz interrogate the Chinese-American, with the aim to hunt for the mode of communication with the caretaker, this interaction gives way to some useful details. Revealing the role of underground pipes of the US postal office for transmission of secrets, the interrogation takes them to a former client of Reddington. A powerful resource of Reddington, the client is able to give them information about the caretaker’s location. Certainly the most significant character in the Blacklist, Reddington’s strong web of contacts and excellent networking has been the most interesting highlight of the series. Equipped with an answer for every problem, Reddington appears to be nothing less than a precious asset for the task force.

Reddington’s details about the caretaker lead Ressler and Samar to his location. While removing a canister of secret information from a corpse at the cemetery, the caretaker appears to be in the middle of his usual action. Preserving secrets in an unusual manner, the caretaker was being forced to reveal, yet another piece of information for the safety of his daughter. As Ressler and Samar interrogate him about his actions, plans, intentions and troubles, the task force promise to help him in every possible way.

With this assurance, as the caretaker talks about the abduction group and their pressure to release some secret information, the contents point to a contract between an airline and the Germans. An airline that participated in a previous attack, yet labelled it as one of the accidents of the aircraft, this leak was sensitive to the cordial relations between the two countries. Helpless with no other option, Cooper instructs the caretaker to give away the secret for the safety of his daughter, creating tensions with Germany and inviting troubles from the US government.

As a revenge against the secret leak, the group that organized this attack on the airlines had acquired hold of a chemical named C4, while entering into the US borders. Equipped with a bomb made of this chemical, their next move was certainly dangerous. Upon request from Cooper, as Reddington assists in revealing the location of the truck – Ressler, Samar and the entire task force catch hold of the vehicle at a very crucial moment. Shooting at one of the members of the gang, Ressler invites revenge from the team as they activate the bomb. With a large time interval for the arrival of bomb squad, the task force are caught within a dangerous situation. While tracking down the bomb details, assistance from Aram enable them to defuse it, during the final crucial moments of few seconds. With this, as a major trouble is avoided; Cooper’s wrong decision, Reddington’s valuable information and Aram’s powerful intelligence combine into an interesting blend of actions. By gaining access to the caretaker’s ledger in exchange for his favor to Cooper, Reddington manages to turn the tables in his own direction, once again.

Continuing the fast paced theme of the episode, successful defusing of the bomb is followed by release of caretaker’s daughter. Reddington’s careful observation of the abduction clip provide him hints about the source of the vehicle and their contents within. As he meets this source and tracks details of the abductor’s location, Ressler and Samar start the rescue mission. While the daughter is rescued unharmed, the real reason of the abduction certainly confuses the viewers to no end. As an escape plan to run away from her father, the daughter had staged the act of her own abduction. In order to expose the bitter truth of her foster father and as a revenge against his abduction activity from her real father years ago, these twists in the plot appear absolutely unnecessary. Protecting her from the abuse of her real father, the caretaker had framed this abduction for the little girl’s safety.

Liz’s search for her mother’s secrets lead her to a retired Russian agent. By handing her letters containing information about her mother, the agent reveals several secrets. Liz realizes the false stories of her mother’s suicidal death, as framed by Reddington. Giving leads about her presence, Liz’s determination to meet her mother may bring some interesting twists in the tale. Though Reddington attempts to answer her strong questions, he burns away some secret information from the canister. Whether the information contained links between Liz and her mother or possessed real relationship between Reddington and Liz, the unfortunate defeat of Reddington was one of the most surprising moments of this series. While winning over every possible situation, this uncertain turn was totally unexpected.

While recovering from his wounds, Tom is delighted to receive acceptance of his marriage proposal from Liz. Though Reddington disapproves this strongly, Liz’s plans about raising a family with Tom may lead to some interesting development. Gina’s sudden entry into Tom’s apartment lead to attacks and fights between the two. Whether Gina has purposely entered into this plot, while working on the orders of some powerful force is truly an interesting reality for the future.

Will Reddington fail in his attempts to protect Liz and lose her forever?
Will Liz succeed in understanding the truth behind her mother?
Will the task force help Liz in these attempts?
Will Tom improve his conduct and work towards his new family?
Will Gina accomplish the hidden motives to reenter into Tom’s life?

As the season 3 moves towards its break for a month, this long wait will be totally worth it!

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