Blacklist Season 3, Episode 12: ‘The Vehm’

While major significant developments during the last episode brought interesting turns to the tale, the next episode 12 of season 3 of Blacklist came to be a simpler one. Though the episode focused on a notorious group of killers that prompted the FBI task force into powerful action once again, the plot was designed to portray a regular day at work. While involving every character in the series and depicting each one’s role in its course, Blacklist has ensured consistent entertainment, so far. Though ‘the Vehm’ appeared as a simple episode in the season, it has certainly contributed its little share in taking the series forward.

Along with the usual depiction of FBI task force’s work responsibilities, this Blacklist episode offered a closer look into the personal life of its players. Separation of task force lead Harold Cooper and his wife Charlene forces him to sleep in the office, while struggling with his personal demons. Offering a slight hint about Aram’s feelings for Samar, his secret efforts to bring her back into the team expose some interesting truths. While Ressler is delighted to partner back with Samar, her reentry into the task force may bring back the charm of this scattered team.

Representing a team of dangerous killers, resorting to unusual methods for elimination of their targets, a religious group of fanatics by the name of ‘Vehm’ create havoc all over. With an aim to terminate pedophiles, their hunt for such elements and inhuman means of murder dominate the plot of this story. Following the death of one of Reddington’s associates by the hands of this Vehm group, Reddington and the task force set on the mission of their arrest. Convinced about incorrect motives of this group, Reddington’s belief in his associate’s clean nature drive him towards the search of truth.

Further investigation into the history of the group leads Reddington to a notorious priest. Murdering people with an aim to grab money, Reddington realizes the partnership between the priest and Vehm. Targeting innocent people under the false tag of ‘pedophiles’, the priest was able to use Vehm for accomplishment of this killing act. With his intelligence, wit, experience and presence of mind, Reddington convinces the Vehm about the priest’s motives. While he turns the Vehm against this priest and gets an opportunity to bombard him with a piece of his mind, Reddington certainly steals the magic of the show. With death of priest, Reddington wins Vehm’s confidence and gains new friends in the process.

Cold murder of Liz’s attacker by Reddington was one of the thrilling moments of this episode. Depicting fatherly care for Liz, this move by Reddington ensured retention of his sensitive shade. While shocked with the news of a baby, Liz fights the battle of future decisions. Confused between the options of raising the kid by herself or approaching adoption as an appropriate choice, her conflicts with inner self offer an insight into her difficulties. While walking down the memory lane, Reddington talks about Liz’s mother and her mindset during the birth of Liz. Encouraging her to experience the joy of motherhood Reddington takes an emotional dip into the situation.

After knowing about Liz’s pregnancy, Tom is eager to begin their new phase of life. Discussing his dreams to start their journey at Boston, Tom hopes to convince Liz, after all their difficult times. Though these plans are not even finalized and Liz is unable to decide about the same, Reddington steps forth with an aim to defeat Tom. Eliminating Tom’s career opportunities and placing Liz under his protection and surveillance, Reddington does the job of care-taker, efficiently. Though it is difficult to understand his motive, Reddington appears to hold a deep secret at heart. While possibility of Liz and Tom’s happy family picture seemed totally true, Reddington’s interference made it completely uncertain.

With an average storyline and easy flowing depiction, this episode 12 was just another regular affair. As the season continues to unfold the magic, its further course of action appears to be interesting.

Will Liz make a good decision about the child?
Will Tom and Liz start their new family despite Reddington’s opposition?
Will Samar understand Aram’s affection towards her?
Will the task force continue their excellent work as a well-knitted team?
Will Aram’s feelings for Samar bother Ressler?

While we wait and watch the season ahead, let us hope for its thrilling future!

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