Blacklist Review: Season 3, Episode 8 ‘Kings of the Highway’

Giving  justice to its title, the fall finale of Season 3 ‘The Blacklist’, was undoubtedly king-sized! With this episode no. 8, as the series takes a halt, before its continuation into the New Year; the drama and suspense have elevated to a great height. Unexpected encounters, unbelievable developments and unimaginable results dominated this episode, leaving the audience at an excited turn. This wait for one and a half month before the magic shall continue may prove to be extremely difficult for the fan in us. With talented performance and engaging storylines, ‘The Blacklist’ has delivered consistent excellence through each and every season so far.

Episode 8 of the Blacklist was no exception to this magic, as the story moved along an interesting route. In their mission to erase Liz’s name from the wanted list, Reddington and Liz land themselves in trouble. As they wait to retrieve an important item from Reddington’s bodyguard Dembe that could open doors of freedom, they are greeted by an unexpected twist. Within a few minutes, sight of Liz’s frantic search for a missing Reddington raise lot of questions and doubts.

A mastermind in dealing with criminals, when Reddington himself is trapped by a gang, wanting to lay hands on his money and valuables, the story had certainly reached an interesting peak.

Caught within the hold of this highway gang, Reddington makes every possible attempt to flee himself. As Liz searches her friend and works hard for his rescue, the story takes us through the motive of each individual in the gang. United by purpose, yet divided by greed, Reddington hopes to use this weakness against them. With bonds of love and sweet talk, as Liz attempts to get close to one of the members of this gang, the presence of mind portrayed by her character certainly steals the show. While this lovable trap enables Liz to hold him hostage, she demands Reddington’s release as an exchange offer with the gang.

Another unexpected turn that proved interesting was suspension of Samar from the FBI task force. While passionate love between Ressler and Samar concluded episode 7 and steamed up the start of this one; providing Liz information about Reddington’s location from Ressler’s laptop, pushed her towards trouble. What started off as a love-filled day, ended on a bitter note as Ressler was forced to suspend Samar for this secret activity. Equipped with Reddington’s location, Ressler hoped to achieve success in this most wanted arrest mission.
While Liz was engaged in rescue operation of Reddington and Ressler began his march towards the location, another power-packed scene occupied the background. Cooper and Tom struggle to protect Karakurt from Solomon’s men. With an aim to prevent his confession about involvement in Liz’s framing, Solomon attempts to kill Karakurt, while Cooper and Tom work hard for his safety. As the only hope to protect Liz and begin a new peaceful life, Tom’s struggle is worth watching.

Amidst Liz’s power packed chase for Reddington, besides retrieval of that most essential item, entry of Ressler in the scene adds lot of spice. Offering an exciting end, Liz’s arrest by Ressler and Reddington’s successful escape from the scene provide an unexpected twist. Arresting his own coworker and a powerful member of the FBI team must have been unusual for Ressler as his expressions suggested the obvious.

With this twist to the tale, the further course of story shall be extremely interesting.
Will Reddington create a masterplan to rescue Liz from this arrest?
Will the FBI employ flawless measures and extreme security to keep Liz under their control?
Will Liz be able to convince Ressler about the framing plan and gain his confidence for the rescue?
Will FBI cooperate to prove her innocence?
Will Tom and Cooper be able to erase Liz’s name as a fugitive with aid of Karakurt?

With so many questions in mind, we can only hope for an exciting comeback. Till the next set of Blacklist episodes greet us with more dosage of entertainment, we can ponder about it during the holidays!

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