Charlie Puth’s debut album: Nine Track Mind

After mesmerizing the audience and bringing tears to their eyes with an emotional track ‘See you again’ (alongside Wiz Khalifa), Charlie Puth is back in the limelight with his debut solo album ‘Nine Track Mind’. While singles from the album – ‘Marvin Gaye’ (feat. Meghan Trainor) and ‘One call away’ radiated magic among the listeners since their release in 2015, long wait for the unveiling of this entire album was totally worth it. As ‘Nine Track mind’ greeted the ears of eager listeners on 29th January 2016, Charlie Puth has certainly ensured a great start to the New Year. Retaining the typical magic of his voice and depicting occasional charm of falsetto, Charlie Puth has created wonders with his debut collection of 12 songs.

Though the singer has attempted to add diverse shades into each of these songs, one cannot ignore the presence of slight repetitive music throughout the album. While debut nature of this collection may be one of the reasons behind this not-so-desirable aspect, Charlie Puth has certainly kept lot of scope for improvement. Meaningful lyrics, emotional connection, melodious tunes and Charlie Puth’s magical voice are some of the factors to look forward to. As each of these songs deliver an interesting message, they can certainly form ideal dedications. By offering songs that can be dedicated to the special one, ‘Nine Track mind’ has certainly done a wonderful job for all of us!

Blending little amounts of hip-hop, R&B and pop, Charlie Puth has created his own typical style. A form that can connect with the listeners instantly, simplicity and uniqueness are the wonderful factors that characterize his music. With purity in voice and truthfulness in creation, Charlie Puth has been successful in generating his first masterpiece. Along with the magic of Charlie Puth’s voice, contribution of singers Selena Gomez, Meghan Trainor and Shy Carter has magnified the charm of this album. Bringing their individualistic styles while combining with Charlie Puth’s music, the collaboration sounds absolutely exciting.

Let us look at the individual tracks of the album and see what each one has to offer!

One Call Away

A simple song with a touching message, ‘One call away’ symbolizes friendship, love, trust, care. While being just a call away, this track indicates the nearness in any relationship.
With aid of slow flowing music and meaningful lyrics, the song conveys its purpose in an amazing manner. Depicting interesting variation of Charlie’s voice, it is a good example of his signature style.

Marvin Gaye (feat. Meghan Trainor)

Talking about the charm of legendary singer ‘Marvin Gaye’, along with his capacity to sow love and attraction, this duet song with Meghan Trainor is a nice attractive number that can force one to fall in love! With nice beats and energizing tune, it is a good track to create a dancing mood.


Exhibiting Charlie Puth’s expertise in singing and playing the piano, this fast number is a fresh entry into the album. Powerful lyrics, impactful voice and fast beats are the aspects of this song as Charlie Puth talks about the sadness of separation.
A perfect piece after break-up, the track depicts sorrow in a completely unusual style. With force in words and power in voice, Charlie Puth’s look at break up is dangerous for those guilty!

Losing my mind

A track that reminds each one about the fear of blockage in mind, this song has a novel meaning. As Charlie Puth sings about worries of losing his mind; soothing beats and medium pace mark the structure of this song.
Charlie Puth’s skills of voice modulation decorate the flow of this track.

We don’t talk anymore (feat. Selena Gomez)
One of my favorite songs from the album, this track derives its charm from combination of two fantastic singers. Fast, energizing, sarcastic and meaningful, the song talks about different viewpoints of the two, while they think about their separation.
A song that can make one fall in love with its beats, this track is surely one of the best highlights of ‘Nine Track mind’.

My gospel

An unusual song with totally unusual title, this song is Charlie Puth’s nonstop wish-list of activities with his special one. A different track from the others, it has theme of bold love and strong belief in self.
With toe-tapping rhythm that can prompt one to move, this song has substantial touch of hip-hop.

Up all night

A slow paced, smooth rhythmic song with heart-touching lyrics, this romantic number is beautiful in every way. Setting up a nostalgic mood, the song forces each one to think about wonderful memories with a special love.
Charlie’s effortless singing does a great job as the song proceeds with its own mesmerizing charm. Before one realizes, the track sets an engaging mode that can keep each one ‘up all night’!

Left right left

A motivational song that talks about patience, faith, persistence and hard work, this track is perfect push in times of failure. When lack of results sow seeds of disappointment and defeat, Charlie Puth’s ‘Left right left’ can keep one going.
Though music and voice have a usual touch, meaningful lyrics form the highlight of this song.

Then there’s you

Dedicating his feelings for a special person, this number has good combination of pop and R&B. Appreciating the striking and remarkable qualities of his lady lover, the song sets an example for all the lovers in the world!

Demonstrating his characteristic falsetto and variation of voice modulation, ‘Suffer’ is sorrow filled recitation of failure in a relationship. Probably, one of the best ways to remind an ex about their faults and drive them towards guilt, this musical piece has lot of meanings hidden deep within.

As you are (feat. Shy Carter)

As a celebration of love, support, care and trust, this happy number talks about the joy of being with that loved one despite faults, challenges, differences and troubles. With an interesting contribution of Shy Carter’s rap, the song takes a nice turn along the way.

Some type of love
With rhythmic beats and melodious tune, ‘Some type of love’ is for a perfect dance with a perfect partner. The lyrics talk about the magic in love and predicts its status after years into the future.

With such an amazing collection of interesting songs, Charlie Puth has done a great job in his debut album.
Listen to ‘Nine track mind’ for its lyrics, tunes, melody and experience the magic in Charlie’s voice.
We hope for many more albums in the future, as he has raised our expectations, already!

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