Charlie Puth’s debut album ‘Nine Track mind’ Preview

2016 looks to be a good year for Charlie Puth. With fresh voice, energetic music, rhythmic tunes and interesting lyrics –singer, copyrighter, music composer ‘Charlie Puth’ is all set to launch his debut album ‘Nine track mind’ on 29th January 2016.

Charlie Puth currently has released two singles that have received great response from the audience so far, the album shall certainly be able to achieve a top position on the playlist. Charlie’s debut collection with 13 songs, the set appears to be an interesting blend of diversity. Originality and freshness dominate the theme of this album, while the singer promises to deliver great work for his fans.

As a wonderful tribute to actor Paul Walker, Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth’s Furious 7 movie track, ‘See you again’ brought great success and recognition for the budding artist. With deep voice exhibiting instant connection with the listeners and powerful music mesmerizing the audience, it brought tears over wonderful memories. It paved way for eagerness and expectation of more music from Charlie Puth. Effortless singing and passion towards music seem to his companions as he demonstrates great hold over the talent. With education and formal training in music, he will undoubtedly bring a lot of success to his name.

While ‘Nine track mind’ is Charlie’s first solo music album, his hard work and dedication towards music shall be able to take him closer towards popularity among fans. As a singer’s opportunity to fame lies in the rhythm and melody of music, Charlie Puth should have a connection with his audience in part due to a strong command that over flow his songs.

With single ‘Marvin Gaye’ released in February 2015 and ‘One call away’ in August, 2015, the album has entered with a wonderful preview. Interesting yet different, each of these singles have managed to attract attention towards the entire album. Popularity of these singles across the globe, speak about an interest among listeners for the complete package.

A tribute to iconic soul singer, copywriter and musician ‘Marvin Gaye’, the song featuring Meghan Trainor has introduced ‘Nine Track mind’ in a promising manner. Opening the album on a successful note, this masterpiece by two amazing singers, have undoubtedly brought them instant recognition. Charlie’s versatile singing combined with Meghan’s powerful voice have blended into a successful formula. With an attractive pairing up of these singers, the song offers absolute entertainment. Decorated with young voice, trendy music and interesting set-up, the single is totally different from any conventional forms. Offering happiness of novelty, the success of this single lies in its unique approach.

The single refers to Marvin Gaye’s ability of rekindling spark of romance with his soulful music. Expressing attraction and admiration for each other, the song talks about power of falling in love and enjoying its wonderful presence. With an aim to get closer to romance and its spicy magic, the single certainly depicts feelings and emotions of lovers at heart. Making use of tempting lyrics and inviting tone, the song is able to pull each one towards affection. Soft music, easy lyrics and perfect coordination of voices have truly enabled a great number.

So while, Marvin Gaye was influenced by spiciness of love, the second single ‘One call away’ is a beautiful, soft and sweet track that brings one towards the power of companionship and support. A song capable of touching hearts, the singer shows his dedication, devotion and love. While being just a call away, he tries to assure about strength of his presence. Staying close in matters of happiness, sorrow, pain and struggle, the track makes use of great touching words. Depicting love, care, trust and support, this song can be a perfect dedication to the ones we love!

With these wonderful creations, as the album shall release in the New Year, excitement for remaining songs will surely rise to the peak. Beginning a new phase of novel music, it definitely appears promising for music-lovers all around the world.

Filled with amazing tracks, this ‘Nine track mind’ may surely blow our minds happily!


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