The latest Lucha Underground recap starts off with us witnessing Dario talking about the precious Aztec Medallions, followed by the footage of Texano, Aerostar and Cage all win their matches for them. This is followed by Sexy Star and when she overcame her fear and attacked Mariposa aka Marty The Moth’s sister. The next thing we see is Dario Cueto searching in his ceiling for something. Cameras or listening devices possibly? Catrina comes in and says if he denies Mil his rematch then he will be very afraid. He says he won’t deny him that match and makes it Grave Consequences, Mil’s signature match. Catrina applauds the way he thinks so Dario ups the stakes and says four caskets around ringside, thus making it Graver Consequences!

Lucha Underground continues on as we return to The Temple where Vampiro and Matt Striker reveal Bang Data is once again playing and kicking serious butt doing it. Melissa is in the ring and we see Marty being creepy no her flapping his arms like they’re wings as he is introduced for his match. He then stands behind her again and tries to touch her but she brushes his hands off and introduces his opponent, The Mack! He gets to the ring, in no mood to joke around, and punches Marty off the apron. He follows that up with a somersault over the ropes to begin the match. Two suplexes later and Mack gets a two count. He punishes Marty with a German Suplex but it looks like Marty is laughing at the punishment. Mack slaps him but Marty gets some offense by reversing a clothesline attempt into a dropkick. He pulls his shirt off and tosses it at Melissa who bats it away and looks sickened. I don’t know what his obsession is but something tells me Prince Puma may not like Marty hitting on his girl. He then hits an exploder suplex on The Mack into the lower and middle buckles then gets a 2 count as the crowd chants for Mack. He tries for another cover but still only gets a two count and then locks a choke in. Thank goodness Mack is able to fight out and follows it up with a clothesline then a spinning kick as Marty rises up. Massive legdrop gets a two count as Matt Striker does a Hulk Hogan impression at the announcers table. The Mack finally puts him away with a Stone Cold Stunner then a spinning Stunner and earns one of the Aztec Medallions.

We return to The Temple and we see Catrina tell King Cuerno he won’t be given the Gift Of The Gods Championship. She says that will go to her follower, Sinestro. Cuerno says he will get the title back but this time he won’t make the same mistake he did last time and will cash in successfully. Catrina’s eyes flash red momentarily and we see her smack the locker. Sexy Star enters Dario’s office and he tells her he can see a change in her and talks about how he and his brother stood up to his mother. He says tonight she will say no more and will face Mariposa for one of the Aztec Medallions in a No Mas match where you must make your opponent say No Mas then he says after Sexy makes Mariposa say those words not to let up.

We come back from the latest commercial break and see Melissa introducing Sinestro De La Muerte with Catrina at his side. King Cuerno is introduced next and he gets a good reaction as he stalks his way to the ring. He instantly punishes Sinestro with a dropkick into the corner then puts the boots to him. Cuerno follows it with a massive dropkick after flinging Sinestro off the ropes but gets a count of one. Running knees then the King hits a Diamond Cutter and gets a two count. Cuerno was going to fly however the ref was distracted and Catrina bounced the sacred stone off his head. In all the confusion, Sinestro hits jumping legdrop and takes Cuerno out for the win. Sinestro is now the newest recipient of an Aztec Medallion. It looked like Catrina was going to give Cuerno The Lick Of Death but instead hit him with the stone.
Mascarita is in the back working out and Famous B tells him he set up match for him against a winner of one of the Aztec Medallions so they head to the ring. Chavo storms into Dario’s office and wants to know why he doesn’t have a match for a Medallion. The Boss says he is tired of giving him opportunities and he lost twice in Aztec Warfare. Chavo says he will show him how he seizes an opportunity and walks out. Melissa is going to introduce someone but Famous B stops her and introduces Brenda and Mascarita. Oh no his opponent is Cage! The client of Famous B is quick and after getting shoved off by The Machine twice, he locks in a sleeper hold. He does get flipped over his head but Sagrada hits a drop toehold and Cage falls into the buckle. He dove off the top buckle but was caught and Cage said I’m sorry and retained his Medallion with an F5. Cage, Brenda and B all check on Mascarita so Chavo sneaks up and steals Cage’s Aztec Medallion. He chases after Chavo as Famous B and Brenda tell him good job and he will get him next time.

We get introduced to Mariposa and Sexy Star for our No Mas Match for the next Aztec Medallion. Both women start by reversing each other’s suplex attempts and Mariposa hits shoulder knockdown on her rival. She slams her down then rubs her face into the mat to punish our hero. She throws her into the buckle hitting her in the gut then choking her in another corner with her foot. Sexy fights back with kicks then draws her into the corner where she trips her and makes Mariposa fall face first into the buckles. Numerous Bronco Busters and then Sexy hits the Three Amigos suplexes made famous by the late great Latino Heat Eddie Guerrero. She locks in a single leg crab punishing Marty’s sister who refuses to give up. Mariposa reverses it into a modified Indian Death Lock then continually kicks Sexy in the back as she has her locked in until Mariposa releases the hold. She gets dumped over the ropes and jumps onto her then annihilates her opponent with punches square in the face. She continues that attack with chops until Mariposa flings her into the barricade and delivers knees and kicks to her stomach. Mariposa gets desperate and chokes Sexy Star with a chair and then throws a chair into the other chair she had set up against our her own. She does it again and the gorgeous Luchadore looks to be almost unconscious but Sexy still won’t quit. Star hurls Mariposa into the barricade then puts a chair between her legs and smashes it with another chair before choking her. She leans her against the ringpost and kicks her between the legs. They fight onto the steps of The Temple where Mariposa Rams her head into the barricade before dragging her by her hair up those steps before ripping at the mask of Sexy Star, banging her head into the concrete. She climbs onto the railing but Sexy shoves her off onto Dario’s roof then kicks her back onto it before climbing higher but Mariposa follows right behind onto the catwalk high above where they pummel each other. Mariposa is trying to choke her out and has her dangling come on Sexy! Mariposa rakes her face, causing blood to gush as her face is high above the fans but our favorite girl won’t quit. Sexy kicks Mariposa and then climbs back down as Mariposa, enraged, beats the tar out of referee Marty Elias. Sexy lands on the office roof of Dario then we see Marty climb up and kick her, risking her face on the rusty railing as Mariposa looks on. He flaps wings creepily. The Mack! The Mack has come to save the day as he throws that creepy Marty into the wall and kicks him relentlessly. Mariposa and Sexy Star continue the battle on top of the office. We see Mack throw him through the wall as Sexy pulls Mariposa back onto the roof. Mariposa bangs her head into the office wall then throws her down the stairs and flings her as hard as possible into the commentary table headfirst three times. Sexy Star is on a rampage, kicking and shoving the villain off of her. Garbage can to the head and back of that evil moth! She puts the can on top of Mariposa and kicks and stomps it into the prone body. Nowhere to run nowhere to hide! Mariposa is still fighting back, punching the gut of Sexy Star. Sexy tries fighting back but Mariposa hits vicious clothesline to her. She had her in weird submission move but when the ref asked if she wanted to quit, Sexy said something I can’t say here and the crowd went nuts. She kicked Mariposa low and then started choking her out. Marty The Moth broke that up sadly and then wipes her blood on him and tried a cheap shot but The Mack laid him out with a MASSIVE Stunner! Sexy Star locked in the crossarmbreaker. Mariposa QUITS! Sexy wins and finally released the hold but then shoved the ref down and locked it in again before tossing her out of the ring. The Mack gives her the Aztec Medallion and then hug as the show ends with the entire Temple chanting you deserve it.

That’s how you blow the roof off. Every minute was great tonight and I feel Sexy Star and Mariposa tore the house down. Loved when The Mack punished Marty during their match and throughout the match. Sinestro is going to be a big star and this is just the beginning of his push. As I type this review WWE is announcing many releases and all of those people would be most welcome in Lucha Underground. Especially Damien Sandow. I think he would be a force to be reckoned with. Next week is Graver Consequences and I can’t wait to see them top Sexy Star Vs Mariposa.


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