Lucha Underground 2-3-16 Results

We begin season 2 ep 2 of Lucha Underground with a small recap of season 1. It ends with the shot of Dario letting the three men into the cage of his brother. We then get an altercation between Pentagon Jr. and Prince Puma. They will team up to fight the Disciples Of Death tonight but Puma is NOT happy about it.

We begin this weeks Lucha Underground with Johnny Mundo returning to The Temple and Lucha Underground. His opponent is Killshot and he gets a very good reaction all around while Mundo gets a mixed reaction. Then a Johnny chant breaks out. Johnny begins with big shoulder tackle but Killshot comes back with a thrust kick then two kicks to the back of Mundo’s head that sends him out of the ring. Killshot runs ropes then hits wicked standing moonsault out of ring onto Johnny!

Nasty spear out of nowhere from Johnny leading to a chant I can’t repeat here. He covers Killshot for 2 count. Rolling cutter by Killshot and chop but Johnny hits C4 suplex after wild forearm. Mundo drags him closer to corner to set up for End Of The World but Killshot crawls away. Mundo is visibly angry and punishes him with multiple shoulders to the gut. Killshot reverses a whip into the corner but runs into a foot for his troubles. Mundo jumps onto second buckle and Killshot makes him pay by kicking his feet out. Yeah there’s no easy way to land like that Johnny landed crotch first and then ate a foot to his face. He hits a wild DDT to Johnny then a beautiful 450 splash. Johnny kicks out at 2 and Killshot seems amazed. He’s not the only one! Mundo wants a timeout but Killshot punishes him with a foot to the face then hit a kick to him but Johnny got knocked into the ref who went down. He ran at Mundo and ended up jumping over him.

Oh what a dirty move! Johnny gave him a leg to the crotch as a lowblow when he landed with back to him since the ref was still recovering. He then leaped off the ropes then connected with End Of The World to get the win. Johnny afterwards cuts a promo on Mil Muertes. Wait the return of Cage! He says he’s 100% unlike Muertes and challenges him saying Cage will break him in half. Mundo interrupts him and Cage wants to fight him now. They stare down as crowd chants Cage is gonna kill you. Johnny backs off and leaves ring saying forget you to Cage. Cage poses after and Mundo attacks him from behind. Cage has last laugh though as he runs Johnny over! He goes for massive slam but Johnny escapes. I cannot wait for that match!

Back from commercial and we find ourselves in the room with Sexy Star and Marty The Moth as he tortures her with a moth. Marty says it’s almost time for her to go back to The Temple according to his sister but she won’t be alone. Not gonna lie I have a big crush on Sexy Star. We then get a promo for PJ Black, the former WWE Superstar Justin Gabriel. He’s now called the Darewolf PJ Black. He’s beating up two bikers who tried to attack him and says he’s not afraid of anything. I’ve always been a fan of his and cannot WAIT to see him tear it up in the ring as his in-ring debut is next!

Back at The Temple The Mack returns to a great reaction and makes his way to the ring. He will face the debuting Darewolf PJ Black. This should be an amazing match. I truly think PJ had only begun to scratch the surface in WWE & TNA. Huge PJ Black chant comes from the crowd. Hip toss by Mack but Black lands on feet and sweeps Mack’s legs but doesn’t get a one count. He catches Mack in headlock but gets thrown into ropes. Darewolf hits shoulder block and then cartwheels over Mack to hit arm toss. Kicks by Mack hands and chops between the two men. Jumping leg lariat by Mack gets him a 2. Forearm by Mack then he whips Darewolf into corner but Black kicks him in the face. He looks stunned but then lays Darewolf with nice Samoan Drop. Kip up by The Mack into standing moonsault by him for 2 count on PJ. That was spectacular! Two men trade punches and chops followed by kicks. Forearms by Darewolf who bounces off ropes into attempted suplex by Mack. PJ lands on his feet then kick. He nails Black To The Future for a 2 count on The Mack. He hits wicked yet beautiful Lionsault off ropes onto Mack for another 2. He was going for 450 splash but Mack rolls out of the way. PJ hits a massive splash in corner then jumps off ropes. Holy smokes Mack hits a picture perfect Stunner out of absolutely nowhere to win!

Before the main event a promo for a new woman airs. Kobra Moon is her name and ahe arrives next week. She looks like she’s gonna bring a whole new and dangerous attitude to Lucha Underground. The main event is on the way as The Disclples and Catrina make their way to the ring. Here comes the original Lucha Underground champion Prince Puma. Here comes his partner the dangerous and exciting Pentagon Jr. Disciples attack Puma and Pentagon Jr. Pentagon Jr. is recovering outside while the hyenas swarm our hero. Puma fights back dumping two over the top followed by the third. Pentagon Jr. does massive flip over ropes onto Disciples and not to be outdone, Puma does INCREDIBLE standing flip onto them as well!

Puma throws one back into the ring and Pentagon is gonna join him but is pulled back out and left in heap. Puma absorbs kicks by our villainous trio. One Disciple pounds on him in the corner then nasty back elbow. He chokes him and then tags in partner who pulls at Puma’s mask and rakes his eyes. Whiplash to Puma’s neck as ref is distracted. Springboard drop kick sends Puma down and attempted cover but Pentagon makes save only to be attacked. Double hiptoss then nasty kick to hamstring of Pentagon Jr. Reverse suplex to Puma and this is just one big massacre right now folks. Puma fights back throwing the two men into each other and hits DDT on both men! Come on Puma make the tag to your partner! Pentagon gets in without tag and starts annihilating Disciples with kicks and chops. Puma leaps and kicks one man then shoves Pentagon Jr. As they talk smack to each other they realize they have to win still and Disciples attack once again. Nasty DDT to Puma ala Randy Orton off the ropes. Pentagon gets nailed with kicks aplenty and falls to floor. Leaping flip to him by a Disciple who tries to hold him but he chops him and bails allowing Disciples to hit each other! Meanwhile in the ring, Puma hits sit down slam to a Disciple and collapses onto the mat. This man is exhausted. Quite honestly, I’m exhausted just watching! He’s calling for 630 splash and hits it but Pentagon Jr. tags himself in and covers Disciple to win. Puma is confused and now both men begin talking smack. Backstabber to Puma. He’s fighting the move but Pentagon is gonna break his arm! He flips him away and almost hits kick but Pentagon Jr. escapes and the two men yell at each other. From there we go to a scene where someone is talking and it’s a very familiar voice. Someone who was supposed to inherit the late Dragon Azteca mask but he took a different path and tells the person across from him it’s his turn now. Oh my gosh it’s Rey Mysterio! Rey is coming and we end Lucha Underground with that massive bombshell.

This show keeps getting better and better each week. My favorite match was Mack vs Black. I also loved the return of Cage and it seems he is going to destroy Johnny Mundo. It was sad not seeing Dario this week but maybe next week he and his “family” will be back again. The main event had so much action I couldn’t keep up. I really enjoyed the aftermath of the main event and the imminent return of Sexy Star and debut of Rey Mysterio! I am counting the days until the next exciting episode of Lucha Underground. Always exciting, fast paced and frantic and only an hour so it always leaves me wanting more!