Lucha Underground 3-16-16 QUICK RESULTS

Trios Championship: Angelico, Ivelisse and Son of Havoc def. The Disciples of Death (c) w/ Catrina in 4:53
Bullrope Match: Texano def. Chavo Guerrero w/ the Crew in 6:02
Lucha Underground Championship: Fenix def. Mil Muertes (c) w/ Catrina in 13:38

This week’s episode of Lucha Underground is dedicated to the memory of the legendary Eiji “Hayabusa” Ezaki. I like that they started it off that way. He was a true legend and you can tell he inspired a lot of wrestlers. Rest In Peace. Another legend gone way too soon.

Following the dedication we see Fenix holding his Gift Of The Gods championship. The lights go out and when one of them goes back on, Catrina enters the room. She tells Fenix he always rises saying she desires his power so they could give her life again. He holds his hand out and she takes it then says sometimes she thinks she made the wrong choice as she holds his face in her hands. She talks about how she should have accepted her date and maybe they could have ruled the temple together. They kiss and Fenix goes to hold her again but she tells him it’s their final kiss and Mil will destroy him once and for all. Before the lights go out once again, she says Fenix will bring her back from the dead. Once the lights rise again Catrina is gone.

We enter the temple fully and we see Matt and Vampiro but instead of them welcoming us, we see the crowd and it feels like a big fight night! Melissa welcomes us to the ring and the first bout is for the Trios Championship. Team Havoc as I call them are introduced followed by The Disciples Of Death. Remember if Team Havoc loses they must leave The Temple and never be seen on Lucha Underground forever which gets booed by the crowd. The match starts off and no time for a breather with all 6 combatants fights. Ivelisse chops one in the corner and no matter where he is Ric Flair must be impressed. Running knee by Angelico to another Disciple. Team Havoc splashes all the Disciples and this match is off to a great start. Once again Team Havoc attacks all Disciples with Son Of Havoc hitting an amazing handspring elbow! Kick to the gut then to the head to remaining Disciple by Angelico then Ivelisse and he collapses to the mat at Son Of Havoc ascends the turnbuckles.

Unfortunately, the momentum is brought to a screeching halt when a Disciple shoves him off then they attack Team Havoc on the outside. Ivelisse is distracted by one while another hits kick, springing off the ropes and nailing her in the back and she collapses into the ropes while another one kicks her in the face. 2 count for Disciple and he holds her by the hair as another of his team rams Angelico into the ringpost. His reward for that punishment is a kick to the face. Wicked clothesline takes Ivelisse down to the mat as she writhes in agony. Painful submission move to the knee of the beautiful badgirl but before she can decide if she wants to quit or not, he slams her knee into the canvas. Looks like a reverse sleeper applied to her but she stuns her attacker with knees to the face. Come on Ivelisse!

He tries to attach the same move to her but she reverses that and a suplex to land a kick to his back and make the needed tag to Son Of Havoc! He flips off top buckle and rolls through then clotheslines his opponent 2 times. He ddts two Disciples and then hits a kip up before getting whipped into the corner and coming back with a kick. Angelico follows that up with a knee to the face and a kick to the back of the head. A third Disciple tries a sneak attack but he hits a beautiful Pele kick to stop the attack cold. Pair of flips from ring to the outside by Angelico and Havoc to excite the crowd. Havoc is about to spring off the ropes but Catrina grabs his foot and pulls him down and he hits his face on the apron. One Disciple switches out with another then tries to steal a victory on Angelico by rolling him up but only nabs a 2 count. He hits the Fall Of The Angel buckle bomb and Havoc nails a breathtaking shooting star press. Team Havoc wins the Trios Championships and keeps their jobs! It’s not looking good for the dangerous temptress Catrina tonight.

We are back from commercial break and Puma and Mundo are getting ready, training for Aztec Warfare. Johnny says he took it too easy on Puma last year. Johnny says it’s his world now and shoulder checks a seething a Prince Puma before leaving. Puma then punches through the training bag and stands there thinking of his next move. Our hero Rey Mysterio is seen pouring drinks and he tells Dragon Azteca their training is complete. Before drinking he gives him invitation to the Temple for next week’s Aztec Warfare then brings out his own invitation and says may the best man win as they drink to celebrate their upcoming match.

We return to the ring and it’s time for Chavo vs Texano in a bullrope match. Chavo tries to tell The Crew to attack the heroic luchadore but they want no part of that and personally, I don’t blame them. They slap hands with each other and say they’re outta here. Texano pulls him into a clothesline then throws him into the corner and follows it with chops and kicks before choking Chavo with his leg in ropes. The bullrope is used as a weapon to cut the oxygen off from Chavo next. A swift kick to the ribs by Texano the longest reigning Triple A champ in history make Chavo double over on the mat in pain. He tosses Chavo out and goes to hit him with the cowbell but Chavo ducks. That only serves to make Texano angry and he takes his rage out on him, hitting him in the back and gut with it instead. Another vicious chop send Chavo back to the ring. Unfortunately, Texano gets pulled by the young Guerrero warrior into the post via the rope.

Turnabout is fair play as Chavo whips Texano with the cowbell and rope before hurling the young champion into the chairs. Back in the ring, Tejano is being strangled with the bullrope before Chavo climbs the buckle and ends up in the electric chair on Texano shoulders. Chavo goes crashing to the mat as Texano regains his breath after what must seem like a lifetime of choking. Both men trade punches and kicks before Texano puts Chavo down with a clothesline. Texano puts the bullrope between his legs and lifts Chavo up with it three times then a loud foot to the face drops Chavo. The former WWE Superstar manages to kick out at 2 though. Chavo manages to block a Superplex but before he can hit his frog splash, Texano yanks him down and finishes his rival off with a nasty powerbomb. He then whips him a few times with the bullrope to earn some more sweet revenge.

Back in the locker room Mil is punishing his Disciples for failing him but Catrina says to spare the last one and they head for the ring. 375 miles from Boyle Heights we see Dario and he says it’s time to take back his Temple before unlocking the door and revealing his brother! We reenter the current Temple and Matt and Vampiro talk about Aztec Warfare next week. Melissa introduces the competitors for the Lucha Underground Championship tonight. Fenix gets in the ring and cashes in his Gift Of The Gods Championship before Catrina and Mil Muertes arrive. Muertes attacks violently but Fenix hits dropkick using his speed. Unfortunately, Muertes isn’t as impressed as we are and when Fenix flips off the ropes, he gets a massive knee to the midsection to double him over. Kicks and forearms are Fenix’s response which he follows with a jumping cutter. Mil drops him onto the apron then spears him through the ropes! Sending him into the corner, the angry Champ charges in but is met with a loud kick by the underdog with the never say die attitude. He flies off the top rope but Muertes takes him down with a RKO so sweet I’m sure Orton is in shock at his residence. It only gets Muertes a 2 count though. He tries to superplex Fenix over the ropes to the floor but Fenix rises from the ashes and jumps off the turnbuckle with a flying kick to the side of our champion’s head.

Mil grabs a chair and when Fenix runs at him, he hits a sickening chair shot to the head! It was so vicious the challenger is busted open. Like a shark smelling blood, Mil hammers the sound then bites it! Catrina holds up the stone and smiles, loving the bloodlust her man brings out. He hits a DDT then throws Fenix out. He beats him viciously as Fenix staggers through the crowd and it looks like he hits his head somewhat on the guardrail. Fenix still has some life in him though and kicks Mil in the face. He hits a punch and yet another kick. He walks the barrier only to be pushed into the chairs. Fenix will not be denied though and jumps full board off the barrier onto a shocked champion. Muertes power bombs our challenger onto the announcers desk. He hammers Fenix’s head into the equipment as Vampiro says he’s covered in blood and can’t sit down.
Catrina kisses her champion as referee Marty Elias checks on our number one contender. Fenix won’t go down willingly though, showing us his tremendous fight with kicks to the face of Mil Muertes along with a running dropkick. Double stomp to the back of the champion! Fenix rips the mask of Mil and it’s time to rock and roll! An enraged Muertes spears Fenix and then mounts him with fists of fury. He brings a chair into the ring and hammers on Fenix’s back without having remorse. Fenix rose but when Muertes swung, he punched the chair and our hero battered him with the chair. Mil is busted open! He rushes at the mighty Fenix who hits him with kicks and punches. The reinvigorated challenger hits a sweet 450 splash but it’s only a 2 count. Mil answers with a one armed slam but Fenix kicks out! He kicks him twice then blasts him with a picture perfect spinning heel kick. Fenix clocks him in the back of the head then. German suplex into a bridge for a very close two count. He goes to the top but Muertes hits neck breaker from there. Flatliner coming. Fenix blocks it and rolls through and reverse bridge. HE GOT THE THREE COUNT! Fenix wins and is the NEW Lucha Underground Champion! As Mil stares in disbelief, the new champ celebrates with the fans. Catrina announces that next week Aztec Warfare will be for the title and Fenix is the first entrant while Mil is number twenty. Fenix celebrates to end the episode.

I’m just gonna say it. This is the best episode of Lucha Underground to date. We begin with hot action as the Trios Champions are crowned. Texano gets his revenge on Chavo and takes a beating as well. Two titans left everything out in the ring and it resulted in a new Lucha Underground Champion but Fenix has little time to celebrate. Aztec Warfare is next week and everyone wants that title. I’m drooling at the possibilities of who may win that belt. Congratulations Fenix. Next week the battle is taken to a whole new level.


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