Tonight’s Lucha Underground begins with the story of how the Gift Of The Gods Championship was created and we see how Fenix successfully cashed in to become Lucha Underground Champion. Next we get a recap of Aztec Warfare 2 and how Dario’s brother became the new Champion. Finally, the moment of when Rey announced that he, Dragon Azteca Jr and Prince Puma would be competing in the Trios Tournament.

The brand new Lucha Underground episode begins with Johnny Mundo, Taya and Cage talking to Dario in his office. He puts them all together as a team to compete in the Trios Tournament against Rey, Jr and Puma. Cage says with or without them he’s winning the Tournament. He then leaves and Johnny and Taya laugh and smirk but Dario is not pleased and tells them to just win.

El Conjunto Nuevo Ola is shown doing a great job performing for the fans once again. Once thy finish we get down to business and its Argenis vs Killshot to start off the in ring action. Argenis charges him once the bell ring but Killshot moves and then hits jumping kick on his opponent. He quickly follows that up with three knife edge chops and a backbreaker. I loved how two of the chops he whipped Argenis into the buckle and followed him in to deliver them. Argenis manages to land a kick on Killshot’s butt which made him upset and he then lands loud palm strike to Killshot. Unfortunately for Argenis, the veteran answers back with a kick that sends him out of the ring. Killshot nails an impressive backflip onto him outside the ring over the ropes. Back in the ring, Killshot nails a rolling Cutter for a two count. Top rope armdrag from Argenis and now he earns a two count. Killshot grabs him as he comes off the top buckle attempting a hurricanrana and drops him with a beautiful corkscrew brainbuster. He finishes the match with his double stomp and Crosshairs to put Argenis away in a great starting match for tonight.

Dragon Azteca Jr walks up to Black Lotus as she guards Dario’s office and asks how she can work with him. She says she has no choice since he locked her in a cell. Lotus does confirm to him that Matanza did murder the original Azteca and he tells her to stay close to keep watch. In the office itself, Dario is talking to a new hire Daga about the Aztec Medallions that will combine to make the Gift Of The Gods Championship. He then puts him in match with Texano and says he’s one of the toughest opponents.
It’s time for our second match and it will be for the first of the Aztec Medallions. Daga starts off by slapping Texano and then both men attack with leg sweeps and attempted covers. Texano hits him with a nasty slap them shoulder tackle followed by three chops only for Daga to answer with a kick. Unfortunately, when he charges at Texano, he ends up straddled on the ropes. Texano musses up his former partner’s hair then hits a running dropkick to send Daga outside the ring. Daga sends Texano to the floor and hits corkscrew splash. He breaks the count and throws Texano into the barricade then punishes him with a kick and bounces his head off the announcers table. He follows Texano into the corner and then hits kick onto him from the apron into the corner. Both men trade forearms then kicks and lay on the mat catching their breath. Texano nails jumping leg lariat for a two count followed by a powerbomb that Daga rolls through on for his own close pin. Daga slaps the ankle lock on Texano but he monkey flips his friend away. After a grueling match, Texano puts Daga away with his signature powerbomb to win and secure the first Aztec Medallion.

Catrina tells Mil that the Disciples have gained entry into Trios Tournament and promises they won’t fail. She tells him Matanza is most devastating opponent he has ever faced and he screams enraged. Back in the ring, it’s time for our main event. Dragon Azteca Jr tries to suplex Cage but Cage locks in headlock and won’t let go even when Jr tries to whip him into the ropes. Cage finally lets go and then knocks him down with running shoulder block. After numerous kicks and chops, a kick to the head finally stuns The Machine followed by a flying armdrag. He ducks 2 Discus Clotheslines and tags in Prince Puma. Puma hits a kick of his own to Cage’s head then a tilt a whirl head scissors. Johnny tags himself in and they block and duck each other’s moves until Puma takes Mundo down with head scissors. He runs the ropes but the vivacious villain Taya grabs his leg and when he looks back at her, Johnny hits Moonlight Drive for a 2 count. Taya tags in and hits backspring elbow and a kick to the face for count of two. After Mundo attacks Puma while the ref is distracted, Taya blasts Puma with knees to the face but only gets a two count. Cage tags himself in and plants the first Lucha Underground Champion with a massive powerbomb then a standing moonsault for a close two count. Johnny slid a chair into the ring but Cage kicked it out and says he won’t win that way. He shoves The Machine who answers back with a hard slap. Johnny and Taya annihilate Puma in the corner with kicks. They whip Puma into the corner but when Johnny charges at him, he gets dumped over the top. Low bridge to Taya and then hits Cage with spinning kick. Unfortunately, Mundo is very smart and pulled Rey off the apron before Puma could tag out. Dragon Azteca Jr makes the hot tag though and nails Cage with a double kick coming off the ropes. A dropkick for Taya as well and then he reverses an electric chair into a hurricanrana into a two count. He kicks Taya then flips over Mundo and tags in Mr. 619 Rey Mysterio! He’s all over the place, kicking Taya and then springing Johnny into the corner. Taya rushed in only to get a drop toehold into Johnny and that went waaaay low! They got out of the ring before he could successfully hit the 619 but Rey stands on ropes allowing Puma to hit suicide dive through them onto Team Mundo as I call them. Not wanting to be outdone, Jr jumps over the ropes onto them! Cage flattens him then Puma nails him with a sweet kick to the side of the head. Rey and Johnny back in the ring as Rey hits impressive springboard off the ropes for a two count. Rey reverses throw into the ropes to hit dropkick to the face of The Guru Of Greatness for another two count. Taya and Johnny hit Magic Killer but Puma breaks it up and Team Rey throws Taya and Johnny out but before they can capitalize, Cage runs over Jr and Puma with clothesline then a slam to Rey. He was going for a moonsault but Mundo got up instead and they yelled at each other. Prince Puma kicked Cage into Mundo so he fell onto the buckle. Taya almost got in but Jr took her right back out. Hurricanrana and 450 splash and that was a VERY close two count! Rey dodged Cage so he ran into Taya then tried a hurricanrana on him but Cage threw Him into Taya! Cage caught both Puma and Jr and Samoan Dropped them. Puma blocked Weapon X then when Mundo went for a kick, Puma ducked and Johnny kicked Cage. Cage was incensed and took Johnny’s head off with the Discus Clothesline! Rey takes advantage and hits moonsault that drives Cage out of the ring. 619! Jr hits amazing flying DDT outta nowhere and he has definitely earned the respect of yours truly! Puma puts the exclamation point on it with his splash off the buckle to Mundo. Tonight’s show ends with our heroes standing tall in the ring. Then we see Dario talking to his brother about how he will face Mil next week. Dario says nothing will stand in his way and says his brother is the most valuable thing in the world to him. He tells him to bring death to the dead.

What a great episode tonight. The first match was extremely exciting and I’m glad to see Killshot blowing the place apart. Daga and Texano is a great rivalry and I definitely want to see more. Finally our main event tonight was just nonstop beautiful action packed excitement! I definitely am looking forward to next week when we see Matanza vs Mil Muertes. Rey never fails to entertain me and he, Prince Puma and Dragon Azteca Jr are going to be the highlight of this season.


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