– Gift of the Gods Aztec Medallion Match: Aerostar defeated Drago via pin
– Trios Tournament Match: Fenix, Jack Evans and PJ Black defeated The Disciples of Death via pin
– Lucha Underground Title Match: Champion The Monster Matanza Cueto vs. Mil Muertes went to a no contest

It’s time for Lucha Underground! We begin with a recap of Dario announcing the new Trios Tournament and how Joey Ryan and The Crew won their match. Next is Catrina informing Mil that their Disciples Of Death will not fail them in their Trios match which will take place on this very episode. The recap ends with Dario telling his brother to beat Mil Muertos to death.

Lucha Underground officially begins with Dario talking to Fenix about how he’s lucky he survived his encounter with Matanza. He teams Fenix up with Darewolf PJ Black and Jack Evans. They will face The Disciples Of Death in the Trios Tournament tonight. He follows that up with the announcement that Drago and Aerostar will face off to begin the show for one of the Aztec Medallions.

We enter the Temple, where the house band El Conjunto Nueva Ola is performing. If these guys aren’t on iTunes yet then they should be. They’re that good and also, it’s pretty much a great way to advertise and promote the show. Melissa Santos, looking amazing as always, introduces Aerostar and Drago for their Aztec Medallion match. Both men counter and block each other’s suplex attempts then reverse out of one another’s ankle locks and trade pins but neither is successful. Aerostar breaks the armlock that Drago has on him and both competitors take a breather. Both men shove each other, kind of testing each other out then Aero comes off the ropes with handspring back elbow but his friend Drago catches him and doubles him over with a swift kick. Aero doubles him over with a kick of his own but then follows it up with corkscrew off top buckle.
Drago counters with an armdrag off the top rope and then a dropkick, sending his friend to the corner. When he rushes Aerostar though, he moves out of the way and Drago flies out of the ring. Aerostar tried to jump off the ropes but slipped and appeared to hit his right leg off the apron. I gasped when I saw this and actually coughed to clear my throat. These folks take massive risks and the slip by the star from the heavens is definitely why people should not try this at home. Drago assists him in getting to his feet and throws him softly into the barricade. Aero isn’t out of this yet though, as he hits hurricanrana then flies from the top rope onto Drago! Drago does hit him with a kick and then throws him out of the ring then soars over the top rope with a twist! Aero tries to hit splash over the top ropes but his buddy moves out of the way. Poor Aerostar is still holding his right knee but wants to fight on and refuses to give in to the pain. Drago hits a beautiful rolling DDT off the ropes but still, Aero kicks out. He nails a kick off the ropes to a seated Drago and runs on the second rope then jumps onto Drago who shoves him off then counters with a double heel dropkick to Aero’s chest. He hits what looks like a Razor’s Edge into an Alabama Slam but still only gets a count of two! Both men each try basement drop kicks but miss. Aero blasts Drago with a 619 to the back then what looks like a Codebreaker when he leaps from the second rope on the outside of the ring to the inside. Aerostar triumphs with a splash to his friend and secures his Aztec Medallion.

Taya walks into Johnny’s training room and tells him he has to face Cage for Aztec Medallion. However this time, they’ll face off in a steel cage! Now it’s time for the final first round match in the Trios Tournament. Black, Evans and Fenix face Disciples Of Death. Black and the Silver Disciple start things off with Black hitting shoulder block and then armdrag into an armbar. He teases tagging Fenix but then tries to tag Evans who says to keep going. Black dodges an attack by Silver and then locks in another armbar. The Darewolf hits a sick kick and goes for a cover. Fenix runs into the ring and jumps onto one of the other Discliples who was going to break up the pin. Purple Disciple jumps onto Black with kick but PJ knocks him out of the ring. Fenix leaps from the second rope with a twisting dive into Purple on the outside. As we see him he appears to be limping so I hope he’s okay. Meanwhile, Evans finally makes the tag but Purple sneaks up behind him and pulls him into the post. Yeah where he hit isn’t gonna feel great. Black asks what he’s doing and then tags in only to turn around into a clothesline by Silver. He tags in Purple then throws him into Black for a big splash in Disciples corner. Two massive punches and then Disciple Gold is tagged in to kick and chop Darewolf before tagging Silver.

He punishes him with kicks and punches in the corner then tags Purple back in who goes for another splash but PJ flips over and tags Fenix. Standing moonsault by Fenix onto the back of Purple who he gets a two count on after the flip takes his opponent face first to the mat. As Purple charges, Fenix just kicks him right in the face then follows with a jumping dropkick off the ropes to him. Fenix then destroys him with a sliding kick to his face that would make RVD proud. He goes for a pin but only gets two. Fenix slides out and in of the ring and receives a kick to his face for his efforts. Spike DDT by Purple for a 2 count. Stomps by the Disciple and he tags in Gold who rips at the mask of Fenix in the corner then nails a knee to Fenix’s head. He flings him into the corner where Fenix kicks him and then fights his way out of the Disciples corner. He follows it up with a kick to the back of the head and Evans makes the hot tag. He leaps off the ropes with a spinning kick onto Gold follows by a Pele kick to Purple before leaping back and giving one to Silver also. He argues with his teammates then gets kicked back into his own corner where Fenix tags in to destroy two Disciples with leaping kick before getting kicked by Gold. He reverses a powerbomb into hurricanrana but gets a 2 count. Leaping palmstrike to Gold and a hurricanrana off the top buckle then Black tags in and hits gorgeous 450 splash but the pin is broken up. Black dives out of the ring into two Disciples and Fenix makes the tag before impact. U fortunately for him, Evans gets in and says he’s gonna show him how it’s done. Evans hits flipping dive into two men onto the outside and in the excitement, Fenix hits super splash to win!

Dario inside his office talking with the current Trios Champs. Ivelisse says they’ll still be champs at the end but Cueto informs her they’ll be IN the Tournament. When they say it’s not fair, he tells them to calm down and gives them a bye straight to the finals. They’ll be in 4 team elimination match and the winner will be the Trios Champions. He calls them Team Havoc then when they argue over the name, he rubs his forehead and says to get out. Catrina yells at the Disciples for losing and when she asks for a reason to not destroy them, Purple rips the hearts out of his teammates!

Back in the Temple, Mil Muertes is accompanied by Catrina to the ring for his fight against The Monster Matanza Cueto for the Lucha Underground Championship. Matanza arrives and seems to be oozing pure evil. I swear he gets bigger and meaner everytime he shows up on the program. Both men meet in the center of the ring and just start throwing fists. The Monster wins that battle but Mil comes back with a kick then just hammers him with fists to the back of Matanza. Matanza is down! Dario screams for the family over and over causing Matanza to reverse a throw by Mil into the corner the folds him up like an accordion with a clothesline. He chokes Mil but when he runs at him, Muertes answers with a power slam. Mil mounts the Monster then floors him with rights and lefts but Matanza chokes him from beneath and rises to his feet like a demonic beast still choking the former champion! Hurling him into the corner, Dario’s brother and protector punishes Mil with shoulder blocks to his gut. Mil fights back and throws Matanza into the corner then hits clotheslines to him and for the first time I have EVER seen it looks like the demonic beast is stunned and hurting. Dario says for this sibling to kill Mil now and Matanza is happy to oblige with 3 kicks to the face. He then nails 2 gutwrench suplexes but on the third, Mil lands on his feet then flips the demonic competitor over the ropes. He flies through the ropes onto the Monster and mounts him with punches until Dario attacks him which has no effect allowing Mil to grab his boss by the throat and pick him up. Fortunately for Dario, Matanza attacked Mil saving the day. Both behemoths fight to the announcers table where Matanza slams Mil’s head. Catrina slams that stone she holds into the head of Matanza but it could have been a feather for all he knew because all it did was enrage him to the point where he was going to choke her out. Thank goodness Mil found a chair and whacked the Monster in the back with it. He bent the chair with that shot but then Matanza ran his head into the ringpost. Mil rang his bell with a gas or water can he found but as they climbed the Temple stairs, Matanza got the can and laid a hurting on Muertes. Mil throws him over the barricade onto his brother’s office roof and almost throws him off but Matanza holds onto the steel railing. He tries to hit him with a German suplex but Matanza is not letting that rail go. He does to throw elbows at his opponent but Mil hits The Flatliner and they fall through the office ceiling! The ref Marty Elias throws the match out and all Catrina and Dario can do is hold their grounds as Dario holds up his key and Catrina raises that stone.

Back at the Sheriff’s office, we see our fearless leader looking over pictures of missing and presumed dead Luchadores. One pic is of Alberto El Patron! Someone knocked at her door but before they enter, she covers up the pictures with a map. Marie’s visitor tells her his boss feels she should drop the case against Dario but she says no and doesn’t care what the mayor wants. He says it’s not the mayor but someone much more powerful and that its just some friendly advice. He leaves and she pounds the desk angrily then holds her head as the show for tonight ends.

Somehow this show keeps getting more and more fun and exciting. The first match between Aerostar and Drago kicked off the show with lots of excitement and I just hope Aerostar is okay after that nasty spill off the ropes. Really loved the Trios match and the aftermath of the sole Disciple destroying his brothers to please the sexy and malevolent Catrina. Speaking of her, her man Mil Muertes and Matanza had a match reminiscent of Superman Vs Doomsday. Just two titans beating each other up and down until neither was left standing and I enjoyed and relished every moment of it. Somehow I think this will lead to a last man standing match which will blow this bout out of the water.

Before I wrap this recap up, I just wanted to say that we lost a true legend this week. Chyna real name Joanie Laurer paved the way for women like Awesome Kong, Beth Phoenix, Ivelisse and others to be able to live their dreams. No matter what she did after her wrestling career, she was one of the best people and always cared about her fans and friends. I just hope she is in a better place and we will never forget her. She’s a true legend. Goodbye Chyna. 45 is way too soon and she should still be here.


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