TNA Impact Wrestling: Recap and Review 5/10 By Rayza

This week, TNA Impact Wrestling on Pop opens with an orange face painted Jeff Hardy, microphone in hand, when he is interrupted by the tag team title holders Abyss, Crazy Steve and Rosemary (Decay), informing him that they had been PAID to take him out the previous week and that that person would be revealed some time during the show. The trio attack Jeff, who is then saved by the Cowboy James Storm, who demands a Tag Title which is contractually owed to him after losing the title the previous week at Sacrifice.

The team of The Charismatic Storm is set to challenge Decay later on tonight’s TNA Impact Wrestling.

Decay vs The Charismatic Storm
(TNA Tag Team Championship)

A Twist of Fate in the middle of the ring set up Abyss for a Swanton Dive from the top rope when the lights went out and a hideous laugh echoed in the Impact Zone. Lights return and Willow the Wisp is standing at the top of the ramp. A distracted Hardy gets mist sprayed in his face simultaneously by both opponents. The Monster Abyss ceases the opportunity, disposing of Hardy with a Black Hole Slam to retain the tag titles.


Jeff Hardy promises to unmask Willow tonight, admitting that HE is the true Willow.


The TNA Champion Drew Galloway makes a bee line to the ring ready for a fight, calling out the #1 Contender for his title “The Destroyer” Bobby Lashley. Lashley smugly and fearlessly comes to the ring. The fighting champion wants a FIGHT on the spot, but is turned down by Lashley who claims to be playing “Mind Games” with him and that he’d be happy to take HIS title When a slick talking Eli Drake comes from the back to answer the challenge.

Eli Drake vs Drew Galloway

(TNA Championship)

Both combatants supply one another an equal amount of punishment in the beginning. During a moment when the champ is down, Eli exits the ring to grab the title belt and brings it into the ring. The referee takes it from him to place it back outside, when Eli slyly goes back through the ropes, grabs his King of the Mountain title briefcase. He attempts to crash it down on Drew’s head but is taken by the referee. Drew gets a running start and hits Eli in the face with a Claymore and finishes his challenger with the Future Shock. Lashley then, once again, sneak attacks the


The Leader of the Knockouts Maria Kanellis sets up a match between Knockouts Champion Jade and Gail Kim, which they happily agree to. And are also informed by Maria that
her personally hired gun Sienna would be at ringside.

Broken Ego

EC3 calls out The Miracle Mike Bennett to the ring to talk “Business”. That business being a “Rematch”. And for that to happen EC3 would have to accept Mike’s challenge, called “EC3’s Road To Redemption,” meaning EC3 is to battle and defeat a mystery opponent, or Demon, from his past….in the six sided cage tonight. EC3 accepts.

Jade vs Gail Kim

(TNA Knockouts Championship) (Note: Gail’s win tonight would make her a 6 time Knockouts Champion.) With Sienna watching cross armed from the ramp, Jade and Kim have a technically hard hitting match to begin. A cross body splash from the second rope to the outside on Jade. Jade shortly answers that with a Topei Dive through the ropes onto Kim. Then Jade is attacked outside and violently put to the steel stairs again by Sienna. Kim attacks Sienna, who overpowers with size and might, putting Kim
down and having the match and Kim’s opportunity thrown out. (*Match of the Night cut short.)

Al Snow vs Mahabali Shera

Shera still seeks revenge for Snow’s attacks on Grado (hospitalized) and himself. The experienced Snow uses his wrist tape on Shera’s throat during the match. Shera kicks out of Snow’s finisher, the Snow Plow. A frustrated Snow reaches into his tights for knuckles, when out of nowhere, Grado jumps onto the apron and takes Snow’s foreign object. Shera uses the distraction and wins the match with a sitting power bomb.


Jeff Hardy attacks Willow the Wisp, beating him with a colorful umbrella. Willow retreats but Jeff catches up. A nasty frenzy of back and forth fists and kicks ends when Willow takes a chair shot to Hardy to leave him laying motionless….and 2 more exhausted, costumed Willows

Main Event

EC3 vs Rock Star Spud

(Cage Match)

Size and power keep EC3 dominant for most of this contest. During a window of opportunity, Spud uses his belt to whip and choke EC3, then attempting to escape the cage through the door but is pulled back. He then tries to climb out of the cage to be stopped again, luckily able to push EC3 down from the cage and successfully dropping a flying on his opponent’s chest. Spud tries to use his belt but is overpowered and is bounced on the cage sides like a dodge ball. Shortly, Spud is once again able to make it to the top of the cage, closely escaping, but a quick EC3 is once again able to climb and reach Spud, tossing him down to the mat and pinning him.

After Thoughts

-A Bad Ass Cerebral Assassin Lashley, is a Good Lashley. Next weeks championship battle is expected to be PHYSICAL. Decay is being smartly included in one of the 2 major story lines as they are still the top stable in TNA and are Tag Champions without formidable opponents.

-Sienna has looked strong for the second week in a row and will sooner than later have a Title but I’m hoping to see an uninterrupted rematch between Jade and Kim as I see them as the best 2 Knockouts in TNA. Triple Threat, anyone?

-The Al Snow/Grado/Shera story line has been dragging on for months, and is, in my opinion, honestly the least interesting.

-The cage match against Rock Star was unnecessary and should have been left for whoever EC3’s last challenger, a.k.a. “Demon” will be in this “Road to Redemption”.

-Last of all, we can figure Matt Hardy is one of the Willow impersonators, but who were the other two slim bodied attackers? Hopefully we’ll find out next week!


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