WWE Raw Highlights (2/8/16) by Brian Sprowl

Monday Night Raw took a slight detour from focusing strictly on Fastlane and the Road to WrestleMania, as earlier in the day, Daniel Bryan announced via his Twitter that he was retiring from wrestling. So this episode served two distinct purposes: continuing to build some excitement for the Fastlane pay per view, and dedicating a segment of the show to the great career of Daniel Bryan. Here is a recap of the February 8th edition of WWE Raw.

THE WWE RAW Highlight of the night

Daniel Bryan retires in home state of Washington

Just a short drive from his hometown of Aberdeen, Washington, Daniel Bryan delivered a memorable speech on his retirement that he announced via Twitter earlier in the day. Raw began with a video tribute to Bryan, and throughout the night, video packages of his greatest moments in the WWE were shown leading up to his first public appearance since making the retirement announcement.

Bryan’s retirement is largely due to several concussions and an inability to be cleared by WWE doctors to wrestle again. While obviously and understandably emotional throughout the speech, Bryan encapsulated everything that he was during his professional career: he was thoughtful, charming, funny (how about a that’s what she said joke in reference to Brie Bella-forget PG TV!) and thankful. Bryan ended the night with his signature “YES” chant, and was embraced by his wife, mother, sister and other family members and friends. It’s sad to see such a great career come to an end prematurely, but for the years that he did give us wrestling fans, all we can say is #ThankYouDanielBryan.

Other Highlights

Dean Ambrose gets him some….well a lot of Brock Lesnar

The opening segment of Raw saw a contract signing between the participants in the Fast Lane main event. After signing his name on the contract, Dean Ambrose confronted Brock Lesnar, who gave him an F5 last Monday, with some good ol chest to chest action. As you’d expect, it didn’t go too well for Ambrose, or Roman Reigns.

Lesnar proceeded to throw Ambrose across the table that was used to sign the contract, and then, he hit Reigns with the same table. He finished the beat down of the former Shield members with his second F5 to Ambrose in a matter of weeks.

Vowing to get revenge on Lesnar, Ambrose returned to the ring later that night to confront the Beast Incarnate. After making some pretty funny jokes about Brock’s….umm…..genitals, Lesnar made his way to the ring and once again dominated the “Lunatic Fringe”, who clearly must be a lunatic for pissing off the most dominant force in the WWE today. After delivering yet another F5 to Ambrose, Ambrose dared Brock to give him more, but before he could oblige, Roman Reign’s music hit and he slowly made his way down the ramp. With Lesnar waiting for Reigns to climb into the lion’s den, Ambrose hit Lesnar with a low blow and made his exit.

Jericho turns the clock back on the mic

Since coming to the WWE back in 1999, Chris Jericho has not only been one of the best superstars in the ring, but he has also been one of the best on the mic as well. Squaring up toe-to-toe with the Miz, who can certainly hold his own with a microphone in his hand, Jericho reminded the world why he’s gold when it comes to the gift of gab.

Originally scheduled to be a guest on “Miz TV,” Jericho changed “Miz TV” to the “Highlight Reel,” and verbally sparred with the Miz, including throwing in one of his patented “Shut the Hell Ups.” Eventually, AJ Styles made his way to the ring, Jericho and Styles beat up the Miz, and Jericho and Styles briefly brawled to give the fans a taste of what to expect this coming Thursday on Smackdown when the two face off for the second time.

Dudley’s turn heel

Well this one came out of nowhere. Or did it?

After asking the Usos if they could join in on their tag team tables match scheduled against the New Day, the Dudley Boyz helped the Usos pull out the victory over the fighting unicorns. But after the match, the Dudley’s attacked the Usos and put each one through a table. The Dudley’s return to the WWE has brought about plenty of nostalgia for fans of the Attitude Era, but it seems that the nostalgia face is finally over, and it’s time to get down to the nitty gritty. D-Von…..GET THE TABLES!

Other Random things

R Truth and Goldust

The segments between these two over the past few weeks have been pretty….golden (cheesy I know). Their latest one saw Goldust dressed as Jimi Hendrix, and not that wasn’t a typo. Let’s hope that these two veterans eventually tag together so we can continue to get these moments, and potentially, add a fourth legitimate team to what’s shaping up to be an interesting tag team division.

Mark Henry, the World’s Strongest Unicorn

After a tag team match was turned into an eight-man tag, the New Day managed to get Mark Henry to join them as a fourth partner. Before eventually walking out on them for being too bossy, Henry dawned a unicorn horn, played Xavier’s trombone and engaged in a dance off with Big E. Not bad Mark. Not bad at all.

Crowd Chants

Sasha Banks, ECW, That’s what she said….this crowd was, how do the kids say, Lit?

Sin Cara Returns

…..But the Lucha Dragons lost to the League of Nations.

Match of the Night

Kevin Owens vs Dolph Ziggler

Wasn’t a whole a lot of great in ring action on this episode of Raw, but for the second week in a row, Owens and Ziggler stood out from the pack. Also, for the second week in a row, Ziggler pulled out a win (albeit this win was by less than honorable means), and it led to another hilarious Owens breakdown after the match.

What to look forward to next week

With next week’s WWE Raw being the final one before Fastlane, let’s see if Ambrose is crazy enough to call out Lesnar. Also, I wonder if there could be a special announcement on a potential Hall of Fame inductee who recently retired…..or will the WWE save that until we get closer to WrestleMania?

Tune in to Raw to see the final major stop on the road to Fastlane.


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