WWE Raw Highlights (3/14/2016)
With WWE Roadblock out of the way, the Road to WrestleMania kicked into full gear on the March 14th edition of Monday Night Raw, so let’s get to all of the action as we are now less than 20 days away from the Grandest Stage of Them All.

WWE RAW The Highlights
Undertaker and Shane McMahon come face to face
If you thought we’d have to wait until WrestleMania to see the Undertaker and Shane McMahon come face to face, you were wrong. The two, along with Vince McMahon, appeared together in the ring at the end of Raw, and it certainly didn’t disappoint. While Taker once again failed to explain why he’s doing the bidding of Vince, he didn’t take too kindly to being called “Vince’s bitch” by the Boy Wonder. Of course, this led to an altercation between Shane and the Deadman, and while Shane put up a valiant effort and showed some Floyd Mayweather-like defensive ability, it proved to be not enough, as Vince pushed his son to the waiting grip of Undertaker, who gave Shane a thunderous chokeslam. But Taker wasn’t done. He chased the Chairman of the Board out of the ring, and gave him his signature throat slash as Raw went off the air. If I were Vince, I think I’d stop referring to the Undertaker as “my” anything. Just a thought.

Roman Reigns make his return, and he’s still not over
Usually when the good guy makes a return after being taken out by the bad guy, he’s extremely over with the crowd (see Stone Cold, the Rock, and John Cena before people started hating him).

Unfortunately though, this wasn’t the reality for Roman Reigns tonight. After making what should have been a much anticipated return and beating the hell out of Triple H, Reigns was mostly booed by the Pittsburgh crowd. But it wasn’t for a lack of effort on the part of Reigns. Reigns did a great job whooping Triple H’s candy ass all over the arena, but after weeks of being MIA, which in theory should have made his return that much more exciting, Reigns still couldn’t quite capture the heart of the crowd, which shouldn’t be extremely shocking considering when he was getting beat down by Triple H a few weeks ago, most of the crowd was cheering for the Cerebral Assassin. At this point, I don’t know what you can do to get Reigns over with the crowd. Speaking of over with the crowd…..

New Day brilliantly turns face with big assist from League of Nations
We knew this day was coming. For months the New Day has captivated every crowd they step in front of, so it was only a matter of time before they turned baby face. But how and when they would do it was always a bit of a mystery. Well, those questions were answered tonight on Raw. After beating the League of Nations for the second night in a row to retain the tag team titles, the League of Nations brutally beat down the New Day, taking advantage of the same numbers game that the New Day had capitalized on for so long. In the process of this beating, not only did the League manage to put the New Day over in a major way, but they also put major heat on themselves. It was a win/win for all involved. Later on in the night, the League challenged the New Day to a match at Mania, which I think it’s safe to assume will be accepted by the New Day.

Another shameless plug
Burger King grilled hotdogs. The Social Outcasts. Yeah.

Girl completely loses her mind over Roman Reigns
There was one person who was excited to see Roman Reigns return. But I think I speak for everyone in saying that she was a little too excited. After all, it was Roman Reigns, not Michael Jackson in his prime.

Other things
Jacqueline being inducted into Hall of Fame
One of the greatest Divas of the Attitude Era is headed to the WWE Hall of Fame. Jacqueline, a former Women’s Champion and Cruiserweight Champion, will be inducted into the Hall of Fame the night before WrestleMania. Jacqueline was one of the toughest and most talented women in the WWE during her time, so this honor is much deserved for the Dallas native.

Mick Foley passes the torch
This was a great segment. Hall of Famer Mick Foley joined Dean Ambrose backstage, and the Hardcore Legend and the Lunatic Fringe had a meeting of the minds. This meeting ended with Foley “passing the torch” to this generation’s hardcore king in the form of Barbie, Foley’s trusty baseball bat wrapped in barbwire. We can’t wait to see all of the creative ways that Ambrose uses Barbie at WrestleMania against Brock Lesnar.

Connor’s Cure partnering with the V Foundation
Connor’s Cure and the V Foundation are officially partnering together to find a cure for pediatric cancer. Two great organizations fighting one common fight; doesn’t get much better than that.

Match of the Night
Triple H vs. Dolph Ziggler
No, that is not a typo. For the second night in a row, Triple H was in action (shoutout to the COO of the WWE putting in back to back nights of work in the ring), and the Game put in another excellent performance, this time against Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler had people on social media comparing him to Shawn Michaels (which isn’t the first time the Showoff has been compared to the Heartbreak Kid) but he definitely deserved that kind of praise after his performance against the 14-time World Champion.

What to look forward to next week
Next week will be the second to last Raw before WrestleMania, so the stars should be out in full force and final matches should be getting written in stone. Now isn’t the time to start missing Raw’s, so keep tuning in as we get closer and closer to the Granddaddy of them All.