WWE Raw Highlights (3/21/16)
Just under two weeks away from WrestleMania and things are rounding into form, so let’s jump right into the highlights (and lowlights and everything else) from this week’s edition of Monday Night Raw.

WWE RAW Highlights
Win or else for Taker at Mania
As if the stakes couldn’t get any higher for the Undertaker/Shane McMahon Hell in a Cell match at WrestleMania, Vince McMahon managed to up the ante even more on Monday Night Raw.

If the Undertaker doesn’t defeat Shane McMahon, then this will be his final match at the event that he has dominated at for more than two decades. So it’s win or go home for the Deadman. Before making that gargantuan of an announcement though, Vince also managed to give his “former” son Shane credit by stating that he would be the most formidable opponent that Taker has ever faced at Mania, and he also referred to “his instrument” the Undertaker as his “bitch.” Something tells me that that last comment won’t sit too well with the legend from Death Valley, and that he’ll have one hell of a response coming for the Chairman of the Board next week on the final Raw before the big show.

Roman Reigns delivers
Roman Reigns isn’t great on the mic. So the obvious solution is to cut back on how much talking he does, right? Well since getting his major push, the WWE has seemed reluctant to do that, but on tonight’s Raw, they decided to test that route out, and it worked brilliantly.
After interrupting Stephanie McMahon and her spiel about why Triple H wasn’t at Raw (WWE business of course, the epic ass whooping he got from Reigns wasn’t a determining factor at all), Reigns accomplished a lot by saying very little. He started off by covering the mic when Stephanie was talking, then he told her to “shh.” At that point, Reigns didn’t say a whole lot, but he more than got his point across in his brief interaction with the Billion Dollar Princess. After blocking a slap from Stephanie, he finished his time in the ring by telling her: “Now I’m the authority.” Mic drop. Brilliant. Just BRILLIANT!
Reigns doesn’t need to be like his cousin The Rock. He doesn’t need to have the gift of gab. He just needs to get his point across and keep it moving, and he did just that tonight.

New Day/League of Nations drop the ball
This match will probably be a good one at WrestleMania, as these two factions can go pretty well inside the ring. But the buildup on the mic for this one, at least on tonight’s Raw, wasn’t great. Now we all know that the New Day is great on the mic, but the League of Nations….not so much. The in ring chemistry is there, but the process of building up this match through promos is going to be a difficult one. Thankfully, there’s only one more week to do so, and then we can just focus on the action inside of the ring.

Wyatt family cuts another pointless promo
Can someone tell me, what exactly is the point of these Wyatt family promos when they don’t actually back them up inside the ring? I mean, I know I’ve talked about this before, but at this point, I just roll my eyes whenever I see them pop up on the screen talking in some random secluded area backstage. “Be afraid.” “Run.” Blow out the light. And for what? To go out there and get beat up by Dean Ambrose all alone with just a chair? C’mon WWE booking.
If the Wyatt family promos are supposed to put the fear of God in the WWE Universe, then they have to act on their words inside of the ring. It doesn’t make much sense to build these guys up as scary monsters only to be sent scurrying like mice to the locker room by Dean Ambrose. But….I digress.
Todd Chrisley/Snickers promo

Other things
Ambrose receives endorsement from another hardcore legend
Last week it was Mick Foley. This week, it was Terry Funk. In some random tavern in Philly, Ambrose was met by yet another hardcore legend, who gave him yet another weapon to use against the Beast at Mania. This time though, he received a chainsaw. What he can realistically do with that, who knows, but it’s the thought that counts right?

Stan Hansen to be inducted into Hall of Fame
Another Texan is headed to the WWE Hall of Fame. Last week, Jacqueline Moore, a native of Texas, was announced as a Hall of Fame inductee. This week, it was announced that Stan Hansen would become the latest Texan to go into the Hall. Hansen is known for breaking WWE legend Bruno Sammartino’s neck, and he also had a very impressive career overseas. Hansen joins the 2016 Class that already includes the previously mentioned Jacqueline Moore, the Big Boss Man, the Fabulous Freebirds, the Godfather and Sting.

WrestleMania 32?
Anyone who can count well knows that this year’s edition of WrestleMania is the 32nd. But after WrestleMania 30, the WWE has been very careful about mentioning the actual number WrestleMania we’re on. Well, tonight the Big Show mentioned WrestleMania as WrestleMania 32, but I somehow believe that that wasn’t planned. The story goes that Vince doesn’t want WrestleMania to sound old but, again, who really knows?

Match of the Night
Kevin Owens vs. AJ Styles
This match might be a “Match of the Year” candidate come time for the Slammys in December. These two faced off in a rematch of last Thursday Night’s Smackdown, and the rematch damn sure didn’t disappoint. The contrast of styles (no pun intended) was a thing of beauty, and these two had some great back and forth action that resulted in plenty of great spots. It ended in controversy, as Y2J came out to once again distract AJ Styles, causing him another loss. But before the interference, this match was definitely five star worthy.

What to look forward to next week
The final Raw (or the home-going show as they call it in the business) before WrestleMania is where everything takes its final shape, so there’s no excuse to miss next week’s sure-to-be-captivating episode of Raw.


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