WWE Raw Highlights (5/23/16)

The Monday Night Raw after Extreme Rules was full of great promos and in ring action, so let’s jump right into everything that happened.

WWE RAW Highlights

The Architect is back and better than ever

Seth Rollins made his grand return at Extreme Rules on Sunday night. After tearing his ACL and MCL in November, Rollins was expected to be out for nine months, but he returned to the surprise of everyone in just six months from the devastating injury that forced him to relinquish the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. While Rollins was cheered like Stone Cold or the Rock at their height (I’m exaggerating but only a little) when he delivered a pedigree to Roman Reigns to end Extreme Rules, he made sure to remind people on Monday why he’s still the best heel (at least male heel, more on that in the next highlight) in the WWE. Rollins told the WWE universe that he didn’t need them, and that he was back for one reason and one reason only: to win back the title he never lost.

In true heel fashion, when confronted by Roman Reigns, Rollins left the ring to avoid the physical confrontation, but he returned to the ring to hear Shane McMahon’s big announcement. In four weeks at the Money in the Bank pay per view, Seth Rollins will take on his former Shield mate and brother Roman Reigns for the WWE Championship. This match should be nothing short of epic!

Charlotte goes FULL HEEL

Charlotte has been one of the best heels in the business for a while, but she might have established herself as the best on this episode of Monday Night Raw (although the returning Seth Rollins gave her a run for her money). After winning her Women’s Title match at Extreme Rules without the help of her Hall of Fame daddy Ric Flair, Charlotte was in full “feeling herself” mode. In an emotionally charged segment, Charlotte talked about the abandonment that she felt when Ric Flair was on the road when she was young, leaving her home to watch him from afar on television. She also talked about how she felt that she couldn’t be successful without him in her corner, but that feeling no longer exists. Charlotte finally realized that she can win on her own (or with her new ally Dana Brooke by her side, who helped her defeat Natalya at Extreme Rules), and she officially parted ways with, as Charlotte called him, “the Second Dirtiest Player in the Game.” Charlotte then proceeded to kick Ric out of “her” ring for good measure. When asked to comment backstage after the segment, Ric, tear filled eyes and all, was speechless. Brilliant work by all parties involved, especially the new Dirtiest Player in the Game, Charlotte.

Enzo returns

Less than a month after suffering a scary injury at WWE Payback, Enzo made his return much to the delight of the WWE Universe. While Enzo didn’t compete, he did show that his mic skills are still intact, and he got in on the action a little bit when he teamed with his partner Big Cass to take out D-Von Dudley outside of the ring. Good to see one of the realest guys in the room back where he belongs.


This was a pretty stellar episode of Raw, with exceptional promos and good matches. Nothing of negative note for this week. Although, if you really want to be a Debbie downer, you could point out that Shane McMahon’s tie was crooked, very crooked, at the beginning of Raw when he made his way to the ring. But we’ll let it slide this time Shane O’Mac.

Other things

Solid card

Since the beginning of the New Era, there have been plenty of great matches, and tonight was no different. There were five Money in the Bank qualifying matches, including Sami Zayn vs. Sheamus, Dean Ambrose vs. Dolph Ziggler and Kevin Owens vs. AJ Styles. With more superstars preparing to return in the coming weeks, the cards should only get stronger and stronger from this point on.

No more Club?

The Club has officially disbanded. After losing to Roman Reigns at Extreme Rules, AJ Styles used outside interference (which included his good friends Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson) as the reason for why he failed to win the title. His buddies didn’t appreciate that, and they really didn’t appreciate it when Styles said that they needed to separate professionally. Styles tried to keep the peace by saying that the three were still brothers, but Gallows and Anderson weren’t having it, as they left their former friend high and dry in the ring. This breakup will obviously have ramifications down the line, but where exactly will things progress from here? Will Bullet Club alum Finn Balor be involved somehow? Definitely an exciting potential storyline to follow in the coming weeks of Raw.

Match of the night

AJ Styles vs. Kevin Owens

This match wasn’t quite as good as their previous meeting on a March edition of Raw, but it was still pretty decent. Placing two of the leaders of the New Era in a match is always a good way to end a Raw, and it was also nice to see Kevin Owens get a big win, and cleanly at that.

What to Look Forward to Next Week

The champ will be back! The second major superstar will return in as many weeks when John Cena makes his return from injury next Monday on a special Memorial Day edition of Raw. You surely don’t want to miss how he figures in to this New Era of Monday Night Raw.


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