WWE Raw Highlights (5/9/16)
We’re back ladies and gentlemen! Mother Nature was a bit difficult last week, but we’re back in full effect this week with sunny and clear skies. So let’s not waste any time and get right into everything that happened on this week’s Raw.

WWE RAW Highlights
The Club formally reunites
No one expected this right? Just kidding. Yes, finally on tonight’s Monday Night Raw, AJ Styles, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson officially reunited as “the Club” before facing Roman Reigns and the Usos in a hectic six-man tag team elimination match. Not a whole lot of shock factor here, but hey, at least the people finally got what they wanted.

So I guess we’re really doing this, huh?
Shane and Stephanie McMahon are getting along swimmingly, which is going to make that whole Triple H-return-to-beat-the-hell-out-of-his-brother-in-law thing that much more intense. But for now, has Stephanie taken a very surprising (and most likely short) turn for the baby face? Guess only time will tell.

For the love of Mitch
Have you ever seen someone get their jacket stolen? Maybe in real life, but not in the WWE, and that’s what made this segment so great. Big Cass and Chris Jericho were supposed to main event Raw but that didn’t happen because before Chris Jericho could complete his entrance to the ring, he was savagely beaten and had his jacket stolen by the man that he said wasn’t in attendance for Raw tonight, Dean Ambrose. Ambrose, obviously out for revenge for his beloved Mitch, not only destroyed Jericho, but he also completely obliterated Jericho’s $15,000 light up jacket. Other than the visual of Ambrose just kind of goofily dancing down to the ring in the dark with the light up jacket flickering, I don’t know why this segment worked, but it was very entertaining in the moment. But, as you’ll see in the lowlights, there was something about this segment that was a bit disappointing.

Who’s chair is it?
The six-man tag match between the Club and Reigns and the Usos was fun, even though it ended in a disqualification when the eliminated Gallows and Anderson interfered. But when it came down to the final interaction between Reigns and Styles, you saw just how weird of a spot the WWE is in. A chair was involved, but neither Reigns nor Styles wanted to use it, ya know, because they’re both supposed to be good guys. They both got cheered like baby faces (although Styles’ cheers were a bit louder), but this interaction was really, really odd. It was almost like they were trying to get the other to play the role of heel, which is a weird thing to do in front of a live audience on national television.

The Big (not really) Cass push
This one is unique because it isn’t a complete disappointment. Big Cass was supposed to main event Raw, but if you read the highlights of this article, you know that that didn’t happen. The segment at the end of Raw was still good, and Big Cass was still a part of it, but the thought of Cass getting a chance to main event Raw was something that I, and I’m sure a lot of the fans, were excited to see. Unfortunately though, it didn’t happen. But it’s probably too soon for Cass to get THAT kind of push, just two weeks after the injury to his tag team partner Enzo at Payback. Still though, Big Cass has been solid since going solo on the first two Raw’s since Enzo’s injury. He’s held his own on the mic, and we know that he can more than hold his own in the ring. So there’s still an opportunity for him to get some kind of a push before Enzo returns.

Unnecessary Politics
Overall, this segment was fine. But the slogan, “Make Darren Young Great Again”? Look, I know everyone wants to get in on the action of election season, but I’d prefer the WWE to stay out of it. It’s cool when Bryce Harper says “Make Baseball Great Again”, but why exactly do we need to make Darren Young great again? This all could very well lead to something interesting down the line, but just off first glance of that promo and catchphrase, they kind of lost me.

Other things
New Day
The New Day continue to be the smartest guys in the room. Tonight, they made a very funny (and real) observation that the Vaudevillains are from an era that wasn’t too kind to people like them. Of course they meant smartphone users, not Black people. Got to love these guys.

Dana Brooke debuts
Another NXT star made their debut on Raw, as Dana Brooke aligned herself with Emma to take out Becky Lynch. Brooke made quite the impression by attacking Emma from behind during a backstage segment. It’ll be interesting to see who Becky enlists to help her go up against “EMD”. Could it be the Boss Sasha Banks? Mmm….

Match of the Night
Six-Man tag elimination match
No one emerged victorious from this match, but seeing Reigns and Styles go at it once again, albeit with four other bodies involved, is definitely must see television. These two have great in ring, and out of ring, chemistry, that they will put on display again in a few weeks at Extreme Rules.

What to look for next week
Let’s see how this Roman Reigns/AJ Styles dynamic continues to play out, and also, let’s see how far they go with this Shane/Stephanie love fest.


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