It Seems an angle could possibly be in the works for a Daniel Bryan vs William RegalWilliam Regal posted the following tweet over the weekend: “I’ve never asked Daniel Bryan for anything for my help  and guidance over the years. So now perhaps it’s time. I still want to be the  first English World Champion. I would like Daniel Bryan to grant me a title  shot. WWE pay attention.”

He followed this up with his next statement which was primarly aimed at those who feel he shouldn’t even be in the title picture: ”It seems as  though a lot of people think the same. One thing though, I don’t deserve a title  shot, but I want one. Some People think I’m not up to it. people have been  counting me out for years but I can still wrestle as good as ANYONE in the  world.”

Should the two face off again it will be the third time the two will clash. The first being back November 8th and the next month on December 20th of the year 2011.