The talented, lovely, did I say lovely? Okay good! The very beautiful former WWE Divas Champion, Mayrse needs your help! She needs an valet to escort her to and from the ring. Can’t make this up folks as there is a current auction on ebay going on. Current bid as of 1/23/12 at 6:52A.M is at US $10,100.00
Hopefully this isn’t bogus bidding folks. I’ll continue to follow this and update once the auction has close and there’s actually confirmation she was paid the winning amount. This is for the Wrestlereunion convention at the LAX Westin in Los Angeles, CA on 1/28/12. Meantime if you feel like placing a bid check out the link below:

Maryse Oulette Needs Your Assistance!

        And for ticket information for the event please go to WrestleReunion’s site.