Blacklist Season 3, episode 10: ‘The Director conclusion’

Lot of interesting developments, unexpected changes, complicated actions and satisfying conclusions marked episode 10 of season 3’s Blacklist. Continuing second part of ‘The Director’, this power packed hour brought loads of entertainment, suspense, action and thrill. While creating novel twists and turns in the storyline, makers of the episode ensured uninterrupted flow of excitement. With a strong cast and interesting characters, ‘The Blacklist’ has gained instant popularity among its viewers. Preserving the elements of wit, uncertainty, novelty and suspense during each of its seasons, the series has offered great source of entertainment so far.

One of the most interesting Blacklist episodes of season 3, last Thursday’s session was a great play of action. By concluding certain aspects in the course of its struggle, the episode has paved new paths for the future. With the aid of a well-crafted plan and perfectly coordinating players, Reddington starts the job of rescuing Liz.

Driven with the common aim of clearing Liz’s name from all terror charges, Reddington along with the FBI task force ensure a perfect conclusion for their course of action. As unexpected elements and complex ideas unfold their magic during this plan, the viewers get the opportunity to experience Reddington’s master mind once again.

By making use of careful strategies, Reddington is able to lay a trap for the Director of CIA. With power of his status and position, while the Director has been chalking plans for prosecution of Liz, Reddington’s wisdom and presence of mind strive hard for her freedom. By studying the Director’s schedule and movements, Reddington kidnaps him with the assistance of task force member Aram. Manipulating the location and session of Director’s appointment with his doctor, Reddington and Aram prove successful in their plan.

As Reddington kidnaps the Director and takes him on a private charter with Venezuelan authorities, his ideas certainly take the audience by surprise. Negotiating with the Director for his role in war crimes, the Venezuelan authority and Reddington fill fear and insecurity in his mind. With strong evidence against the Director, Reddington had the benefit of higher weightage to his favor.

Powerful threat of Director’s prosecution on foreign soil offers the scope of a victorious deal. Using it as a leverage to clear Liz’s name and impart freedom, Reddington’s negotiation with Lauren Hitchin shines as the first ray of hope. With suggestions and ideas from a powerful attorney Marvin Gerard, Reddington is able to sow seeds of success. While negotiating with Hitchin, Tom and Cooper’s simultaneous efforts add strength to the case. As Karakurt confesses about his role in framing Liz, the doors of freedom seem to open up. With clearance of Liz’s name and capturing of Director’s inferior motives, Hitchin is forced to accept Reddington’s deal.

A deal that releases Liz from all charges, Reddington’s careful execution leaves Hitchin with no other option. Though Liz is free in the open world, charges against involuntary slaughter of US attorney general Connolly continue to spread its influence. While her jail sentence is completely erased, involvement in killing of Connolly prevent her from joining the FBI team again. Giving an offer to provide assistance to the FBI team, this settlement confers her with the title of an ‘asset.’ Though this deal close the doors as an FBI agent, it proves to be her only chance towards freedom. While Reddington encourages Liz to accept this settlement, he hopes to motivate her towards a happy life ahead.

Stepping down as the head of FBI Task force, when Ressler returns the power back to Cooper, it hints towards the beginning of new adventures and power packed actions. Realizing the Director’s role as a liability to Cabal, Hitchin’s permission to end him force Reddington to drop the captive guest from mid-air. As he breaks through the roof and lands into the house of a family, the end preserves the flavors of suspense.
Offering fresh and free air of freedom for Liz, the episode concluded on a motivating note. As Liz marches out from custody, her emotional embrace with Reddington sow seeds of a new start.

How will the assets Reddington and Liz help the FBI in wiping off names from the Blacklist?
Will the FBI task force regain new form with the return of Cooper?
Will the task force succeed in eradicating Cabal’s terror forever?
Will Liz and Tom start a new phase of life together?

As the series shall unfold its magic one after the other, we need to just wait and watch!

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