Blacklist season 3, episode 11 – ‘Mr. Gregory Devry’

After an eventful episode that released Liz from all charges, season 3 of Blacklist returned with magnified suspense and amplified thrill. Taking its reputation to higher levels, episode 11 ensured retention of great action, drama and adventure. In continuation to this season’s exciting course of action, episode 11 ‘Mr. Gregory Devry’ offered some unexpected developments. Involving every character in the series, this episode was a fast paced session of simultaneous action. Showering the audience with lot of twists and turns, creators of Blacklist have been doing a remarkable job so far!

With all that in mind, this week’s Blacklist finds that with clearance of all charges and freedom of new life, Liz’s future phase appears to be much more difficult than expected. Tagged as a wanted criminal, her reception into the real world was not a happy event. Encountering difficulties, while hunting for an apartment or proceeding with daily activities push her towards memories of the dark past. While people look at her with eyes full of suspicion, fear, anger and doubt, Liz realizes the presence of rocky patch ahead. Along with social rejection, demotion in her job responsibilities add to the heap of troubles. Replacement of FBI agent tag with that of an asset take away all her power and privileges. Though work adventures with Reddington continue as before, absence of her gun and badge, besides restrictions on field activities disturb Liz to a great extent.

Involvement of Reddington in Liz’s rescue operation create suspicions among his network of criminal gang. Doubting Reddington’s role as an FBI informant, an international criminal Marcus Caligiuri kills Mr.Kaplan’s team of cleaners. With an aim to threaten Reddington and expose his reality, Caligiuri’s move forces Red to take action. Giving leads about a planned gathering of Caligiuri and other well- known criminals, Reddington involves the FBI task force into their elimination. Led by Ressler and Aram, when the task force start their operation, they come across a man claiming to be the real Raymond Reddington!

Adding an unusual shade to this episode, entry of another ‘Reddington’ succeeds in its attempts to confuse the audience. Sharing every detailed information about the FBI and its blacklist, the new character appears to be totally true. For a moment, as one believes in these Reddington’s stories, the entire series appears to be totally unbelievable! Taking an unusual twist ahead, the new development seems to be extremely interesting. With an aim to gain the FBI’s trust, the new Reddington or ‘Fred’ (fake Reddington) warns them about the planned abduction of an FBI executive. While this abduction proceeds as described, the FBI is forced to believe in him. Offering him immunity in exchange for attending the criminal’s meeting, the FBI hopes to benefit from this asset’s contribution.

Though power of Fred appears to be true, presence of real Reddington in the meeting brings back his charm. Exposing Fred’s connection with the FBI and presenting him as Caligiuri’s hired man, Reddington is successful in winning trust of all the other criminals. Killing Fred and Caligiuri, Reddington restores his power once again. While presence of Fred was successful in confusing the task force along with the audience, Reddington’s talk with Liz reveals the truth behind this staged plot. Volunteering Reddington in this act, Fred was his good, loyal friend ‘Mr. Gregory Devry’. Due to an ailment of cancer, while Gregory offers to end his life for a good friend’s help, Reddington frames this well-knit story to protect himself and Liz from the world of criminals.

With an excellent and flawless course of story, this episode exposes the single handled power in Reddington’s character, once again. While Tom’s desire to start a new phase of life was clearly visible, extension of marriage proposal towards Liz was certainly expected. Though Liz does not accept or deny this instantly, she blames uncertainties in life for her disbelief in love. While they spend some quality time under the blanket of each other’s proximity, Liz seems unsure about their union ahead.

Reddington’s strong threats, warning Tom to stay away from Liz start a series of arguments. Though this does not offer any conclusive end, it points to the possibility that Reddington may be Liz’s real father! While this idea was barely sowed into the audience’s mind, another unexpected twist at the last moment brought an unusual end. Suffering bruises and wounds due to an attack from unknown stranger, when Liz visits the doctor, his statement about baby’s normal health in the womb leave her completely shocked.

How will Liz react to this news about the baby?
Will this force her to marry Tom and raise a family together?
Will Reddington prove successful in preventing Tom and Liz’s union?
How will the task force benefit from Liz’s assistance as an asset?
How many names will be wiped from the Blacklist after Liz- Reddington partnership once again?

Though these answers cannot be hunted so easily, a step-by-step journey towards it will elevate the magic and suspense!

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