Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen has had a busy week as shockingly he quit using his Twitter account and as result his Twitter is gone. Try looking for his page now and you get “sorry that page does not exist. As of Friday evening, hist Twitpic account is still active until he decides to terminate that as well. The star of the FX series “Anger Management” tweeted sometime midnight on Thursday “reach for the stores everyone. dogspeed cadre. c out”. ThisĀ  would be attached as a caption with a picture shot out the front of an airplane with a bottle of Tabasco sauce looking off into the clouds and blue skies.

Charlie Sheen joined Twitter early March last year right when he lost his “Two and a Half Men” job to “That 70’s Show” star Aston Kuthcer, and became successful using the social media tool using hastags like #winning. After only having his account for one day after activating, he received close to a million followers that continued to grow at the end as he had close to nearly 8 million followers before terminated his account.

Here’s the picture that Charlie Sheen sent out with his final tweet:

Charlie Sheen Last Tweet

It should be noted that this move comes just less than two weeks from the 1,000th episode of WWE Raw as Charlie Sheen was to be SocialĀ  Media Ambassador during the event. Sheen was to take to Twitter during the historic Raw episode and tweet to his massive followers and the WWE Universe. At this point there is no word yet on if WWE will be using Charlie Sheen in another role. Just earlier in the week Sheen inducted former guitarist Slash into the Walk of Fame as he took a shot at Guns N Roses singer Axl Rose. Here’s what Charlie Sheen had to say about Rose:

Speaking of the July 23rd WWE Raw 1000th episode, The RCWR Show will be making a rare appearance that Monday covering this historic episode. Join host Lee Sanders who’ll be joined by Co-Producer Tammy and Hip-Hop artist Scooda who’ll be discussing this episode and interacting with you the fans! You can listen to that episode immediately after Raw goes of the air on this website and at our sister website ( with chat room ) by clicking here