Soundgarden singer Chris Cornell has revealed via Twitter that he’s begun recording a new solo album. No further information is available at this time.

This new solo album will mark Chris Cornell’s fifth release since 2011’s live acoustic album “Songbook” and will mark his 1st album of all-new material since 2009’s controversial album “Scream”.  After Soundgarden disbanded in 1997, Chris Cornell embarked on a solo career with the release of “Euphoria Morning” which was drastically different for fans as it was very slow and soft while channeling John Denver and Jeff Buckley. Due to poor reception of the release ultimately Chris Cornell would accept an offer to join members RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE after vocalist Zack de le Rocha left the band. Under Cornell the band would be called Audioslave and saw commercial success with the release of 2002’s self-titled album followed by 2005’s “Out of Exile” and 2006’s “Revelations“. Shortly after the release of “Revelations” Chris Cornell took on side projects outside of Audioslave and released the single “You Know My Name“, for the 2006 James Bond comeback movie “Casino Royal“.  By 2007 Chris Cornell was done with Audioslave as he sought to revive his solo career.

Chris Cornell’s issued his second solo album titled “Carry On” in 2007 which received mixed reviews. Creatively one of the most stand out tracks from this album was his rendition of Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” which received heavy media attention once 2008 winner of “American Idol”, singer David Cook sung Cornell’s rendition. In 2009 the controversial “Scream” album followed which was produced by Timberland. This album saw negative reviews due to Cornell completely departing from his roots as a blues & hard rock singer as he attempted to pursue an R&B / Rap career with this album. Many musicians blasted Chris Cornell but the most vocalist of all was “NINE INCH NAILS” Trent Reznor.

Rumors of a SOUNDGARDEN reunion grew for many years until 2010 when it became a reality as the band got back together for a few live shows, followed by full-fledged tours and eventually a brand new album in 2012, “King Animal”.

Cornell recently said in an interview with The Pulse Of Radio that he sees working with SOUNDGARDEN again as having a positive influence on his solo career. “One thing about a solo artist is you can just be in a room way too long with yourself and your own thoughts and your own songs, and it feels really good to be working with Ben [Shepherd, bassist] and Matt [Cameron, drummer] and Kim [Thayil, guitarist] again, and it’s actually a really nice reprieve also from just being alone, doing what I do. It’s helping with the balance, I think, too.”

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