CM-PunkNo stranger to making controversial tweets on Twitter, WWE Superstar CM Punk has made headlines in a negative way.

CM Punk reacted to the news that Catholic Pope Benedict XVI (age 85) is stepping down due to health issues related to his advanced age. CM Punk re-tweeted a message from a fan who wrote, “The pope resigned? I did Nazi that coming.” and called the joke “Magic.”

Another fan replied to Punk’s retweet, saying, “Ouch. That’s an envelope-pushing tweet for a company employee…” Punk responded with:

Punk has since replied to another fan, telling him to “unfollow” him if he takes issue with what he has to say.

Should be noted that in the late 1930’s The Pope had participated in agroup described as the “Hitler Youth” program in Nazi Germany. The Pope defended his participation stating that all children growing up Germany at the time had no choice but to swear their allegiance to the fascist leader.

TNA Wrestler Kurt Angle, a former WWE employee responded to CM Punk’s tweets stating: “Cm Punk Should thank GOD that the Pope is a forgiving Man. Because Even the Pope Could Whip Punk’s skinny ass”.

Even if the facts are true of Pope, one can’t help but wonder if this was the right time for this type of statement from a top WWE star at a time when they are involved in so many programs such as GLADD, Susan G Komen Foundation, Don’t Be A Bully, Be A Star, etc.

Lee Sanders of The RCWR Show posted a video to share his reactions and get fan reactions. You can comment on this news below or on The RCWR Show YouTube channel.

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