TNA Wrestling President Dixie Carter recently was interviewed by The Tennessean about the current rumors of TNA Wrestling being for sale, biggest challenges facing the company and more. Below is a brief recap:

Dixie Carter On the TNA sale rumors: “Since we have been in business going on 12 years now, this has been an ongoing (speculation), ‘Oh, we’re going out of business. We’re not going to make it,’ ” Carter said. “Ever since we started, people were taking odds on how long we would last. This last time I think a lot of it was perpetuated by a story that Billy Corgan from Smashing Pumpkins was going to buy it.

“I texted Billy and I said, ‘Oh really, so you’re going to buy my company? Are you excited? That’s cool.’ And he said, ‘Oh, don’t you love rumors.’ ”

Dixie Carter On the Impact365 concept: “We have 60 (wrestlers) under contract,” Carter said. “From the time we go off the air to the next week, (with) all of them, including the office, there’s always something going on as interesting as what’s on TV or sometimes more so. The thought was, why not capture that? Why not continue storylines from the time we go off the air to the time the bell rings the next Thursday and make it truly a 24/7/365 concept?”

Dixie Carter On TNA’s biggest challenge: “Our biggest challenge right now is we only have two hours of TV,” she said. “We’re going up against a behemoth company with 12-plus hours in the U.S. It’s not enough real estate to get all of our characters over. With wrestling, it’s a cast of characters. So this allows us to take that into our own hands, and continue that programming when the cameras stop rolling.”

You can read more of the interview here

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