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TNA President Dixie Carter recently did a interview with The Miami Hearld and spoke on a number of topics. Here’s some highlights:

New television deal with Spike TV and if there was a plan B if the didn’t get picked up:
Carter: “Absolutely! “We were very fortunate to have interest from a few very good networks, but in the end it made the most sense to stay with Spike. We’re very loyal, and they have spent a lot of money and effort and time in building our brand, and the deal was right. So we made the decision to stay there.”

“When it came down to it, I just said, ‘If we’re going to do this, let’s make it simple, and let’s do it fast,’ and it happened that way. If not, we were going to need to go and do other things. So it was a quick negotiation… There are discussions about [other programming], but we made the decision to keep it out of this deal. We’ve closed this deal and moved forward, and any additional programming that we do would be under a separate arrangement.
So it was a quick negotiation.”

On Ring Ka King:

Carter: “It’s going good. We’re on a network that the timeslot is probably not best for wrestling, and we’ve had a lot of serious competition. So we knew it was going to be tough going in, but it’s been very well received, and I think there’s a very strong opportunity for Ring Ka King to continue to be seen in India.”

Carter on name recognition: “Spike understands the value of a Bobby Roode and a James Storm and a Bully Ray and an Austin Aries, but some of the networks that don’t have the experience in wrestling, the history and background, those [legends] names do mean a lot.”

Check out the entire interview here.