Dolph Ziggler at WWE TLC 2012. Photo Credit: WWEWWE TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs has passed and out of all the things that stand out in my mind most is Dolph Ziggler’s win over John Cena in the ladder match for his MITB briefcase.

I’ve gone on record many times on The RCWR Show professing my love for Dolph Ziggler ever since he came back to main WWE programming packaged as this character since 2008. See I go way back in following the career of Ziggler as I remember him vividly from his days in the spirit squad as Nicky. I say this with great passion when I say I’ve seen how far along he’s come. That’s why when it came to this match against John Cena at TLC, I felt Ziggler was going to get screwed in some sense. It really felt as though Ziggler faced high risks of losing the MITB briefcase to John Cena last night and I’m quite sure that in the days to come we’ll learn from inside sources that WWE creative strongly may have considered that option. It probably didn’t come to fruition likely because John Cena may have not left in one piece at the Barclays Center in NY.  Over 15,000 fans packed the arena and were very vocal of their disgust for Cena as it was obvious on this night Dolph Ziggler was their man. Dolph had a lot to gain from this match which was beating one of the top guys in the WWE and officially laying claim that he is the next big thing and the future for the company. Sadly that was not what happened as Dolph Ziggler was cheated out of a moment that should’ve meant more but came up very short.

Now some of you may be reading this and saying hey, Dolph Ziggler won didn’t he? Short answer, yes but look at the circumstances of the win. We saw in those final precious minutes of that encounter Vicki Guerrero coming down and was about to attack Cena with a steel chair. AJ Lee comes to the rescue and attacks Vicki, mimicking Cena by delivering the 5-knuckle shuffle to lay out the acting Raw General Manager. We see a shocked John Cena look on as he starts setting up the ladder to climb and reach for the MITB briefcase when suddenly from nowhere AJ pushes Cena off the ladder. This move silenced the Brooklyn crowd as Dolph Ziggler looked on stunned but quickly climbed to the top to reclaim his briefcase. In what was already a solid 5-star quality match, we didn’t need all that silliness as once again this proves in my mind and a lot of people’s minds that John Cena isn’t willing to give an up & coming wrestler (that’s a better performer than him) get a victory cleanly. The only way John Cena will give someone a victory is if someone interferes unless of course you’re The Rock, Triple H or Undertaker then all bets are off. Now we probably have those passionate John Cena fans that are reading this who’ll be quick to defend their idol but before you do please do your homework. When you open up the WWE history books you’ll see that for a great majority of Cena’s career he’s never really put someone over cleanly without any doubt or questions. It’s quite sad when you think about it and realize why this win for Dolph Ziggler means nothing. Dolph Ziggler is right back where he was prior to his match with Cena at TLC.

Wired Magazine earlier last week released an article bashing John Cena for being the problem in WWE and for him being in a match against Dolph Ziggler for his MITB contract. I couldn’t agree more with their report but would like to add that I could care less about the AJ Lee character. Now don’t get me wrong boys & girls, she is a hottie & a cutie but I really could care less about her temper tantrums and her segments because that’s not why I tune into Raw. She’s a pretty face that upper WWE brass want to give precious TV time at a time right now where we really don’t have diva’s that are pretty, charismatic and can throw it down in the ring. The women’s division has become such a problem for WWE that they are even reaching out to former diva’s from the attitude days such as CM Punk’s girlfriend Lita and Trish Stratus. As we’ve seen with John Cena, WWE Champion or not he needs his camera time because he’s the face of the company. He’s continues getting the spotlight & main storylines while men like CM Punk, Big Show, Sheamus, Randy Orton, Dolph Ziggler, Daniel Bryan and others all must take a backseat to him because he’s Superman and Superman must always win. Now I don’t know about you all but from my memory of collecting comics even Superman met advisories from time to time who got the upper hand without needing to resort to dirty tactics such as kryptonite. We all know who the true face is in WWE/the man and it’s John Cena and at age 35 with 10 years in the company it doesn’t seem that he’ll be putting people over cleanly on a regular basis anytime soon.

So what does this mean for guys like Dolph Ziggler? Well they won’t really get the spotlight until John Cena retires and if the reports are true that Cena has become banged up over the years than the WWE Universe is halfway there of seeing the next evolution in WWE. In the meantime until that happens WWE need to make things right for Dolph Ziggler and I think the only way this can be done is to have Dolph Ziggler vs. John Cena again. It doesn’t need to be for his MITB contract as really we can do without a gimmick match. It’s not needed as these two men can really tell a good story in the ring. Let them face each other one more time in a No Interference match that can only be won by pin-fall or submission. Until that moment happens where Cena does the right thing and put Dolph Ziggler over then unfortunately he will meet the same fate as CM Punk did which is being another hard worker under John Cena that happens to have a title that doesn’t mean nothing and thus a king of nothing.

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