Eric_BischoffTNA Executive Producer Eric Bischoff was recently interviewed on The Ministry of Slam! radio show. Here is part of the transcript from the Eric Bischoff interview.

MOS: You’ve been away from TNA television for a number of months now. What has been going on in the world of Eric Bischoff?

Eric Bischoff: “I’m still very much involved behind the scenes creatively, as the Executive Producer at TNA. I’ve also been extremely busy with my own production company, Bischoff-Hervey Entertainment – which has around 7 or 8 different TV shows at various stages of production with different networks right now. We’ve also just launched a digital casino gaming site, which is up and running in the UK through Paddy Power, and a digital slot machine centered around Hulk Hogan.”

MOS: Speaking of the UK, TNA have just announced they will be taping a number of TV shows whilst here in January. What are your thoughts on the relationship the company has with the fans here in the UK?

Eric Bischoff: “I’m very excited about it! I love the enthusiasm that the UK fans bring to the television screen, I think their passion and excitement makes the product even better. On a personal note, the time I spent over in the UK last year was very enjoyable and I look forward to coming back and hanging out with the fans.”

MOS: Obviously to most wrestling fans, you’re known for your time with both WCW and WWE, but also latterly TNA. Many throughout the years have focused on the negatives surrounding WCW, but do you ever look back with a sense of pride at what was achieved in such a short period of time?

Eric Bischoff: “The truth is, I don’t really think much about the past – good or bad! I don’t dwell on it. Of course, I know it was a very successful period of time and I’m sure if I allow myself to think about it then I can relive some very special moments. To be honest with you, it’s in my nature to live for today and think about what I can do which will make tomorrow better, much more than thinking about the past. That time is over and done, so there’s nothing I can do about it, good or bad!”

MOS: Is it fair to say that you’re focusing very much on TNA and the here and now?

Eric Bischoff: “Well, TNA is one focus for me, but then the television production company I run with my partner, Jason Hervey is very successful. We’re probably one of the most successful television production companies in Hollywood, certainly at producing reality television, and have recently produced a sitcom for Nickelodeon – which marks our entrance into the scripted TV business.

Adding to the Hulk Hogan gaming machine, we’re also launching another with David Hasselhoff at the end of October. The TNA digital slot machine will hopefully be launched around the time we tour in January too! There are several different celebrities and brands that we’re negotiating with currently, so all these things are a big part of my focus. The TV production company is a very lucrative business, with both Jason and myself recently acquiring an equity interest in the company. We’re excited about everything we have going on.”

MOS: TNA will be launching the British Boot camp show on Challenge TV here in UK, featuring some of the top talent on the British wrestling scene. Rockstar Spud, Marty Scurll and The Blossom Twins will all be competing for a shot at a TNA contract. Were there any other names or companies which stood out when scouting the UK for talent?

Eric Bischoff: “Quite honestly, I’m not involved in the British Boot camp project, and as such haven’t been over in the UK looking for talent. There are other people doing that, but it’s not my role so I can’t possibly comment on who TNA are looking at in terms of talent.

I did meet the group who are competing on the show at Bound For Glory, as well as watching them perform in the ring a few nights ago. They’re a very talented group of young people who all have a great deal of potential, so it’s sure to be an exciting show.

Despite not being involved at all with the project, what I know of the format and talent leads me to believe that it’s a really positive, great idea. I’ve been a big proponent of TNA expanding into reality television since the day I got here, and I think that the opportunity for the British Boot camp concept is great – especially given the strength of the TNA brand in the UK. I think it’s a phenomenal idea and I’m sure it’s going to be a successful one.”

MOS: A similar concept on TNA TV currently is the Gut Check portion of the show, wherein men and women compete to impress the judges and earn a TNA contract. What are your thoughts on the segments and how successful they have been?

Eric Bischoff: “I’m very excited about it, and it was actually something Jason Hervey and myself created and brought into TNA as a means to bring a reality element to Impact Wrestling. We’ve discovered some great talent throughout, I think the deliberation process and judging is entertaining as hell also. It constantly throws up surprises, with even us being surprised at some of the things which have been out of our control. It’s live television, so anything can happen!

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