Gene SnitskyFormer college football player, WWE wrestler turned actor, producer, personal trainer Gene Snitsky stopped by The RCWR Show this weekend. It was the first time a guest appeared on our weekend edition show.

“Truly an honor it was today to have Gene take time out his schedule to do the show”, RCWR host Lee Sanders said fresh after going off the air. “That man is just so f%^king cool and laid back. I’d have a beer with him any day of the week!” Gene joined Lee Sanders for an exclusive one on one interview opening up about his football career that lead him into the WWE, current state of the company, and his latest movie projects. Key moments came in the interview when concerning Gene Snitsky’s return to the WWE & more!

Lee Sanders:  Word’s been going on the wrestling beat that WWE reached out to key wrestlers they felt were solid performers. On this short list, your name was among those mentioned. Any truth to that and if not would you be open to a return to the company?

Gene Snitsky: I can neither confirm or deny that at this point. You’ll just have to wait and see but as the Million Dollar man says, everybody has their a price! Hahaha

Lee Sanders: We got Raw coming up with their 20th anniversary this Monday. WWE has reached out to several people to return for a cameo. We know Hacksaw Jim Duncan let the cat out the bag last week on Facebook that he would be popping up. Any chance we might see you possibly make a cameo?

Gene Snitsky: Well, here’s the thing about Monday, coming in two days…it’s my birthday. I have plans but I can’t tell you what they are. Hahaha

More of the 30 minute exclusive interview with Gene Snitsky can be found by clicking here
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