Source: TMZ

Hogan…sex tape? According to TMZ a sex tape has recently surfaced that features Hulk Hogan and a unidentifiable woman. TMZ claims that they’ve seen a portion of the footage and that it’s grainy but were able to see the Hulkster getting undressed in front of a Caucasian brunette female. In this clip Hogan takes his shirt off and brags to the woman, “I started to work out again”. He then runs his hands through his hair all while wearing a sporting a thong-shaped tan line.

It remains uncertain when the tape was shot but the head of Vivid studios (that’s a porn company), Steve Hirsch tells TMZ that he’s been apporched with the tape recently by a third party. No word yet on if Hirsch or anyone else has bout the rights to this tape yet. In response to these allegations Hulk didn’ have an immdiate comment bt would later say that the tape was “secretly filmed” without his consent. His lawyer’s been said to be on a rampage saying, “We will take all the neccesary steps to enforce both civil and criminal liability.”

This is a very intresting development considering that Hulk has lost a lot after getting into a nasty divorce with Linda Hogan. She was reportedly received $7 million from liquid assets had received $7 million of those liquid assets. On top of that she received 40% percent ownership in his various companies. On top of that Hogan agreed to pay her an additional $3 million “property settlement”, with several vehicles. In exchange he doesn’t have to pay alimony and can keep 100% of money he makes in future appearances as well as any books he releases in the future. The house they bought while the hit show Hogan Knows Best was being filmed is still on the market. In the event that it sells, the profits will Originally the asking price wa $25 million but due to the economy and poor sales in homes it’s been dropped to $8 million. A number of questions comes into play in my mind such as when did he get with this woman because if he got with her during his marriage to Jennier McDaniel than it could be very devastating to him should she seek divorce and want half of everything unless a prenub was signed. This would be a form of adultry and could have rippling effects on his image as according to his 2010 documentary Finding Hulk Hogan (which you can see on our Youtube channel here), Jennifer saved his life and that he found God. More information as it becomes available.