Hulk Hogan-Brother!The big story going around the world of professional wrestling is whether Hulk Hogan should remain with TNA Wrestling or should TNA let the contract lapse and part ways with the legend.

Let’s make no mistake…Hulk Hogan is a legend in this business. That can’t be debated. Without Hulk Hogan, pro wrestling is NOT at the level it is today. Matches would still be mainly contested in dark, dingy, smoky auditoriums or poorly lit high school gymnasiums and don’t even get me started on TV. Of course, it took the brilliance of Vince McMahon to give Hogan the ball when other promoters (Verne Gagne) were scared to because of Hogan’s self-awareness of his worth (watch the History of the AWA DVD that WWE put out…they explain why Hogan never held the AWA title). But make no mistake…Hogan had the “IT” factor that we always talk about in this business.

But this article is about Hulk Hogan TODAY. Is Hulk Hogan in 2013 worth it for TNA to keep around? When several talents have contracts coming due…should TNA invest that much money in a figure head? Several people will say that because of the ovation Hogan draws…that he’s a draw to the venues TNA appears in. But is that really the case? Just watch the product. I would love to know, personally, how much of the arena is “papered”? (For those that don’t know…papered is a term used to show how many tickets were freebies or handouts). If you watch the show…the arenas they appear in are smaller…and they are having trouble selling those out (I know firsthand about the size of Chafitz Arena in St. Louis…it holds roughly about 6000 and it probably had about 800 at the TNA Impact tapings a month ago). And Hogan was at this event. Yes…he probably got the loudest ovation…but he surely didn’t draw the crowds to the arena in the mass TNA would of liked. TNA is not making money. Yes, they have great competitors on their roster. With a roster of Bully Ray, Kurt Angle, Sting, and Hulk Hogan…the nostalgia feel ITSELF should be bringing people into the arena in greater mass than it is. But it isn’t working. TNA is losing out on talent because they are spending the money in the wrong places. Yes, they are one of the top 2 shows on Spike TV…but Spike TV is not a really strong network.

Now…to answer the question…NO…TNA should not reinvest in Hulk Hogan after the contract (not to dish spoilers but IMPACT this Thursday will go a ways into this that I won’t comment on). Instead…TNA should be looking at investing in the talent they have now. If they need to, hire a PR firm to showcase some of this talent. Bully RAY is probably THE best heel in the wrestling business today. Yes…I just said that. TNA needs to start showing off guys like Magnus, Eric Young, Bobby Roode, James Storm, etc. Get these guys’ faces EVERYWHERE on Spike (which is hard to do because Spike doesn’t really have any “self-produced shows). Cross promote like WWE does with USA. Get these guys all over the place and spread the gospel of TNA Wrestling. Be different. Don’t be a WWE clone. Take a page of what ECW and ROH did and what TNA started out as. Be an alternative. Don’t be “just another wrestling show”. Show why you’re unique and different. Whatever makes you different…accentuate that. As Paul Heyman said on the Rise and Fall of ECW DVD when asked why he shot the show the way he did….”Accentuate the positives. Hide the negatives.” TNA doesn’t have the budget to have everything WWE does…so why try and compete that way? Showcase your talent. If you continue to try and play the game like Vince McMahon…in 4 years we’ll have another DVD….”The Rise and Fall of TNA Wrestling”…produced by the WWE.

-Dan Saint-

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